This NM city is one of the best large cities to celebrate Easter: Study

A new study from WalletHub examined all the biggest large cities across the country based on 11 metrics that it defined as speaking to “an ideal Easter celebration. Our metrics range from candy and chocolate stores per capita to the city’s Christian population,” the outlet noted.

WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe wrote, “The best cities for Easter cater to the religious nature of the holiday by offering plenty of opportunities for Christians to attend services, and they also provide the resources for people to have a great time with their family regardless of religious affiliation. That means lots of places to get some sweet treats or dine out, as well as good weather conditions and nice open spaces for Easter egg hunts.”

Cities were ranked from 1 to 100 (the highest numbers being the best) on “Easter observers,” “Easter traditions,” “Kids’ Easter,” and “Easter weather.”

The large city that clinched the number one spot was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which ranked fourth among Easter observers, third among traditions, 96th among kids’ Easter, and third in terms of weather. Its total score was 61.58.

“Pittsburgh is the best city for celebrating Easter, in part because it has some of the most churches per capita and a very high share of the population identifying as Christian, so there’s a lot of people celebrating and plenty of places for them to worship,” wrote WalletHub.

“The Steel City also has some of the most candy shops per capita and a high number of chocolate shops per capita, so it’s easy to sweeten the celebration. Pittsburgh also has some of the most flower and gift shops per capita, so decorating is easy, and Easter is projected to have pretty good weather as well,” it added.

Albuquerque ranked near the top, coming in at 23rd with a total score of 47.06. It ranked 15th among Easter observers, 50th among traditions, 56th among kids’ Easter, and 55th for weather. Last year, Albuquerque was ranked ninth.

The lowest-ranked city was Hialeah, FL, which had a meager total ranking of 28.61. 

“Easter can be an expensive holiday to celebrate. According to the National Retail Federation, the average U.S. consumer will spend roughly $177 on celebration expenses this year,” noted WalletHub.


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    1. I’m not sure exactly what the article refers to. Lots of people observe Easter but not as the Sunday of Resurrection. They mearly like the bunny-egg thing. Many would not be able to express what this Sunday is really all about. And then some don’t believe that Christians should vote. I found that out when I was collecting signatures for the Referendum petitions.

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