The embarrassing truth about MLG’s so-called ‘zero-emission’ fire truck

Recent reports reveal that the celebrated “all-electric” or “zero emissions” fire trucks, being lauded from San Diego to Portland to Albuquerque, are not as environmentally friendly as advertised. Each of these new fire trucks, purchased with the assistance of federal funding, is equipped with a diesel engine to ensure functionality when the electric battery is depleted. 

This revelation highlights a significant discrepancy between the marketed image of these trucks and their actual operational design.

The report indicates that each of these supposedly zero-emission trucks includes a diesel engine to guarantee that it can still pump water or drive if the electric battery runs out. Furthermore, the cost of these hybrid trucks is significantly higher than their all-diesel counterparts, with a price tag that is 40 to 50 percent more.

“This would be laughable if so much money wasn’t being wasted on such a big lie,” stated Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future. Turner expressed his frustration, emphasizing that politicians celebrating these trucks as “all-electric” are either misleading the public or are unaware of the trucks’ true nature. “Over-spending tax dollars on a product and then misleading voters is nothing less than pure fraud,” he added.

One notable example highlighted in the report is the purchase of an “all-electric” fire truck for $1.8 million, of which $400,000 was funded by a federal grant. Despite the truck being touted as a “zero emission” vehicle by Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, the inclusion of a diesel engine undermines this claim.

The discrepancy between the public portrayal and the reality of these fire trucks raises concerns about the transparency and efficacy of using taxpayer money for such projects. Critics argue that the funds could be better spent on genuinely green technologies rather than on vehicles that still rely on fossil fuels for critical functions.

As cities across the nation strive to meet “environmental” goals and reduce carbon footprints, the debate over the true benefits and costs of these hybrid fire trucks is likely to continue. Turner and others at Power The Future call for greater accountability and honesty from public officials regarding the capabilities and limitations of such high-cost investments.


20 thoughts on “The embarrassing truth about MLG’s so-called ‘zero-emission’ fire truck”

  1. MLG can have her socks around her ankles and she will feel no shame… Does anyone actually think she cares about the environment?
    But I’m sure a polished fire truck will look great behind her and her leather ensemble.
    Gimme A Break!

  2. Anyone that thinks any EV is good for the environment is either very misinformed or a complete idiot. A gas vehicle compared to an EV both being brand new, the gas vehicle could drive for 200,000 miles before it is equal to the EV in the pollution it puts out. Now add to the electricity the EV uses charging it is even worse. Then look at California that is pushing EVs but they also have rolling blackouts because they do not have enough electricity for there populations. Now some idiot wants to charge his car??

    1. Exactly right Mike! If electric vehicles work so well, why would you need a diesel engine to back it up???? A diesel engine doesn’t need a huge battery as a back up plan! The whole “environmental” push is one huge scam!!!

      1. A central California fire district was “gifted” two rescue trucks by the Office of Emergency Services (Sacramento). The tooling on the trucks was all battery operated rather than gas or diesel. The weight of the batteries plus charging infrastructure meant the trucks could carry about half the normal tool inventory. I’m sure the poor family upside-down in a ditch while catching fire will appreciate that the crew had to leave half of their tools back at the station…

  3. For those of us in outlying areas without available fire hydrants, I would rather my fire trucks dedicate their weight to carry more water and less batteries.

  4. Politicians are usually steered by their masters to send out a message : other falsehoods…climate change is just weather, there arent any “assult rifles”, people cannot change gender , the Constitution is not fluid…hundreds more !

  5. Typical political gobbledygook of portraying it as zero emissions when it is just another Hybrid. Tell the truth politicians, it shouldn’t be hard to be honest. If the batteries are only good for 5 miles of driving and twenty minutes of pump operation then let us, the public know. Justify it’s exorbitant cost and spend our tax dollars wisely.

    1. You live in Aztec? I didn’t know that the democrats had a town named after them.
      What day are the sacrifices? Do they have their own piramyd?

  6. Typical overpriced, one-off clean energy demo/toy and not the solution being pitched. Facts are that the technology is nowhere near being able to replace the price/efficiency of fossil fuels and that plenty of tax dollars are being wasted on these dead end efforts.

  7. MLG is just setting herself for ;when she leaves office. She is selling NM to these electric companies by bringing in wind turbins, solar panels, and anything that will make her look good to these companies.
    We have a legislature that follow her, they don’t think of the harm they are doing to our state

  8. That money could have been spent on reasonable solution to reduce homelessness. THAT would have been something that affects ALL New Mexicans right now. Work on fixing any of the immediate problems staring us in the face and stop overspending on programs to “fix” climate change when most cost-benefit analysis shows they won’t have any meaningful effect on climate change or the environment.

  9. Meh…I quit believing anything they said after I realized they were never going to make those flying cars that fold into briefcases and weigh mere ounces! At 10 or 11 years old.

  10. “Climate change “ is just another tool used by the global communists to gain control over a prostrate public that is so confused and intimidated by their own governments. Like public disarmament , pandemics, rampant crime and questionable elections. EV’s have been proven to be more of a problem than a solution.

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