Ted Cruz says New Mexico still ‘vigorously contested’ state in presidential election

On Sunday, Texas’ U.S. Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the election and the media’s continual urge to want to “coronate Joe Biden as the next president.” 

Cruz mentioned New Mexico in the states that are being hotly contested for the presidential race, saying, “The American people get to elect our president. And, and at this point, we’ve got numerous states that are, that are very closely and vigorously contested from Pennsylvania to Georgia, to Arizona, to New Mexico, to Michigan, to Wisconsin.” 

New Mexico uses Dominion Voting Systems to tabulate votes, the same software which has “glitched” in states like Michigan that changed thousands of Republican votes in swing districts to Democrat. 

It is unclear if similar irregularities happened in New Mexico elections, as just minutes after the polls closed at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 3, Joe Biden was prematurely declared the winner of New Mexico, despite zero votes being counted yet.

There are multiple races that face recounts, including in the 13th Judicial District’s district attorney race where Democrat Barbara Romo and Republican Joshua Joe Jimenez are facing off for the seat with a razor-thin margin.

“The Sandoval County Clerk’s Office had around 700 additional ballots to tally up Tuesday that were not included in the totals on the Secretary of State’s website. Jimenez leads Romo by around 100 votes,” reports KOB 4.

As well, Republican former New Mexico state Rep. Ricky Little faces a recount where he leads Democrat Rep. Willie Madrid by a handful of votes in the 53rd House District. Madrid erroneously and without evidence claimed Otero County “wasn’t prepared” for the election, alleging voter suppression. 


8 thoughts on “Ted Cruz says New Mexico still ‘vigorously contested’ state in presidential election”

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  3. Get ready for all those Chinese ballots to be exposed and numbers to flip quite dramatically. Not to mention the Dominion vote machine flips. — Popcorn popping.

  4. Sandoval County needs a recount since Dominion was used. Would love Mark Ronchetti to demand a recount with all of the “glitches” that happened. MIT tech guy said “there are no glitches with computers….they respond only to program installed”.

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