Teachers unions pleased as MLG punishes educators with new mandates

On Tuesday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced new harsh mandates, including mask mandates indoors for all people regardless of vaccination status, forced vaccination for medical workers, and requiring educators to show proof of a negative virus test. She claimed these were due to a new strain of the virus called the“Delta variant.”

According to the Governor’s press release, “The state also issued a requirement that all workers at private, public and charter schools in New Mexico either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or otherwise submit to COVID-19 testing on a weekly basis. This policy aligns with the state’s requirement for all state government personnel.” 

While the strict mandates will harm educators, who already have been subjected to extreme testing and masking standards, educators (including apparently private institutions who are not under the mandates of the New Mexico Public Education Department) will further be punished.

But New Mexico teachers unions, which purport to care about educators in the Land of Enchantment, apparently do not care about the strenuous requirements implemented by the Governor. On the contrary, the National Education Association New Mexico (NEA-NM) and the American Federation of Teachers New Mexico (AFT-NM) sent out statements in support of the mandates.

AFT-NM wrote the following: 

“Universal masking requirements for students, staff, and visitors have been proactively negotiated at the local level in many school districts across New Mexico, so standardizing this common-sense, science-based mitigation effort represents another way to best help keep students and educators safe and our doors open for learning. 

“We recognize universal masking and increased surveillance testing for the unvaccinated may be onerous for some educators and students, but we must view these procedures and precautions through the lenses of science and public safety, rather than our own personal comfort. 

“Educators have been on the front lines throughout this pandemic, and our commitment and obligation to advocate and work for safe and in-person learning must not waiver. The example we set moving forward will be seen by our students and families, and New Mexico’s educators must continue to be the role models our students, families, and communities know us to be.”

NEA-NM shared a link from the Albuquerque Journal and claimed the edict for educators “matches a policy imposed for state employees earlier this month.”

Despite claiming to care about children and teachers, the governor’s mandates have forced many parents to pull their children out of the public school system and made many teachers’ lives even harder, with steps to encroach on teachers’ preferences not to take the vaccine.

11 thoughts on “Teachers unions pleased as MLG punishes educators with new mandates”

  1. Educators have not been on the front line of anything. They were at home for most of the pandemic. You deserve what you put up with and as long as a majority of people are willing to put up with this nonsense, which has no basis in science but is purely political, then you get what you deserve.

  2. The democraps love to say follow the science whether it this scamdemec or climate change…but they never do……from John Hopkins a big medical school..
    Makes one wonder…why the politics behind the Dem Panic

    Inspired by Democrat talking-points, states like Connecticut, New Mexico, Hawaii, Virginia, New York, and Washington all force K-12 students to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. Meanwhile, CNN, NBC News, CBS News, and others continue to parrot the narrative that children should “mask up,” or else.


  3. The only way to stop this Marxist takeover is by stopping, by brute force if necessary, the dictatorial tyrants who are implementing the damage.

    1. Unfortunately that’s their playbook – demonize the legitimately angry freedom loving public when they retaliate against the Orwellian tactics and literally incarcerate and send on one way trips to camps – Australia and NZ already have them and for the most part “ours” are ready for “us” – never them. But yes i’d relish the day the Demon-crats wear tar & feathers – and then orange jumpsuits – like FORVER cleaning the roadsides of weeds and debris – finally a good use for them .

  4. Mr. Outlaw Preacher, You are completely wrong about all teachers being “home for most of the pandemic” I was in school everyday, making work packets, fielding and making phone calls helping children with their work, doing Zoom meetings with classes of students, and grading student work. I did all of it from my classroom, where I was required to be during the regular school hours.

  5. Grisham is a _itch

    Grisham is nothing but a stupid Woke LITTLE TYRANT. Fight back New Mexico! Why are you all so stupid, why will you listen to these selfish, over-privileged pigs. Fight back stop being sheep, fight for our children, our traditions, and our lives. This little witch with a B is lying to you. There is no science to prove masks work. You have a huge over 97 % chance of survival against this supposed new covid variance. She is a so called social elite, dumb a__ laughing at you. Open your Freaking eyes!!!!

  6. Screw LUJAN GRISHam

    Sad, for our children, But screw these WOKE educators. They have chosen to do New Mexican children an injustice by deciding to teach CRT, and lying to our children. If they were good human beings they would fight for our children against these false science mask mandates. Instead they kiss the behinds of these WOKE evil school boards. Any parent that puts their child in a New Mexico public school is doing an injustice to their child. Our state needs to stop voting democrat and start fighting for our children. Dem’s are lying to you, sad but New Mexicans really are stupid.

  7. Unions are a parasite in this nation. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS.!!! Vote and speak with your dollars since the dems have everything rigged at the polls.

  8. i am so glad i do not have kids in school anymore, i feel sorry for the kids. people need to fight this and her any way they can.

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