SFPD yet to identify Santa Fe obelisk vandals possibly connected to India Palace hate crime

According to a news release from the Santa Fe Police Department, officials are still to identify the vandals responsible for tagging and partially destroying the obelisk in downtown Santa Fe on June 22nd, but they say a new surveillance video may give some clues. 

Officials say the vandals arrived on the plaza shortly after 2:00 a.m. on bicycles. The release says, “The suspects are later seen spray painting the monument before riding their bicycles away from the Plaza.” Santa Fe Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of those involved.

The vandalism of the obelisk has been applauded by proponents of its removal, including the anti-Hispanic, anti-Semitic hate group “The Red Nation” and another group “Three Sisters Collective.” 

Previously, the Santa Fe Police Department said the graffiti that occurred on the obelisk may be linked to the vandalism at a local restaurant India Palace, where thousands of dollars in property damage was sustained and racial slurs were written on the walls. The same day the obelisk was discovered vandalized, India Palace’s owner also found the business had been broken into and ransacked. “This case has been classified as a hate crime, and the Santa Fe Police Department is aggressively pursuing those responsible for this disgusting display of hatred and intolerance,” a news release from SFPD stated.

The black spray paint and writing style of the graffiti at India Palace appears similar to that on the obelisk. It is unknown if the vandals are tied to The Red Nation or Three Sisters Collective, but no possibilities can be ruled out at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 505-955-9050 or submit a tip at SantaFeCrimeStoppers.org. You can also call Detective Ryan Romero at 505-955-5344.


3 thoughts on “SFPD yet to identify Santa Fe obelisk vandals possibly connected to India Palace hate crime”

  1. I am not surprised this is being allowed by cartel leader gruesome, and the cops and fbi do nothing. How disgraceful to destroy our beautiful state and cities.
    Anyone voting democrat is now a domestic enemy terrorist, for aiding and abetting terrorists. All law enforcement is also complicit, as is the legislature, mayors, city councils.
    I have a lot of good memories from the India palace, a lovely place, and staff, and excellent food.
    What do we expect other than violence from a party that supports organ harvesting from live babies, aborted right here in america. Yes, live. Judicial watch revealed fda contracts for fresh not frozen fetal tissue to create humanized mice. We are already China, they do the same thing to their “political dissidents; Falun gong, Christians and others. Planned parenthood has testified of taking live babies and dissecting them after late term abortions, who were still alive.
    There is video on the center for medical progress you tube channel titled fetal trafficking under oath.

    I have presented solutions for removing from office all traitors who violate their oath; sheriffs listen up and take action. They are coming for everyone, including you. You can not appease these satanists. Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment provides jurisdiction and authority to arrest them. You took an oath and are forbidden from carrying out unconstitutional orders.

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  3. It’s no longer protesting for a cause it’s destruction and lack of respect for anything and everything!! You know Godd**ed well Loserjan will protect those involved and call anyone who points these punks out as being racist! She’s following suit of all the left leaning crooks in politics ALL the more reason to vote and /or remove the thuggery democrats in the roundhouse and in Washington!!

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