Satanic Temple to open NM facility for ‘religious abortion’ ritual

The Satanic Temple, a nontheistic “religious” organization, is opening a new facility in New Mexico to kill children in the womb in the name of supposed religious practices to worship Satan. 

The facility would provide “free religious medication abortion” rituals, bearing the name “The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic” to target U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturned Roe v. Wade

Fox News reported, “TST Health, the new medical services arm of the nontheistic religious organization, will provide telehealth screenings and appointments to provide abortion pills to patients. These services will be provided free of charge as part of The Satanic Temple’s ‘abortion ritual,’ though patients must still pay for the medications from a pharmacy, which typically cost around $90, according to the TST Health website.”

The abortion facility will make itself available for women aged 17 or older who are up to 11 weeks pregnant. 

“In 1950, Samuel Alito’s mother did not have options, and look what happened,” said Malcolm Jarry, a co-founder of The Satanic Temple. “Prior to 1973, doctors who performed abortions could lose their licenses and go to jail. The clinic’s name serves to remind people just how important it is to have the right to control one’s body and the potential ramifications of losing that right.” 

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has ties to other Satanic cults, namely the “Temple of Satan,” which also performs the abortion ritual to sacrifice babies in the womb. 

The governor has interacted with and follows Satanic cult leader Greg Stevens, who also goes as “Priest Penemue.”


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  1. Douglas Misicko AKA Douglas Mesner AKA Lucien Greaves (sometimes Graves) files business in Espanola on 11/22/2022. What’s interesting on NM business portal is that Misicko and Greaves are listed as separate directors of facility even though both names are one person. Business home based in Salem, MA at same address used by The Satanic Temple, Inc. NM business filed under The Satanic Temple, Inc. No physical address listed for where this online only doctor portal will be located.

    1. I bet that is to avert opposition until they can no longer avoid revealing the location, given the satanic nature and probable resistance to the facility.

  2. She is the devil’s spawn. Pray, pray, pray people. All Christians awaken and pray. These are such dark times. All you out there who know how to pray the rosary please start now. Our mother will step on the devil’s head once again. Be not afraid. God help us.

      1. People can pray however they want. Does not matter what your pastor told you. What does he know? Human beings prayed for thousands of years before Christ. The Lord’s Prayer does not mention Jesus. The Hail Mary does. The rosary has both, pray the rosary all day long.

      1. Wrong Bobbi, you need to go to the Mother and she asks her Son to intercede. Wars have been won through the Rosary. She is the one keeping her Son’s hand back.

          1. The Rosary is a handheld bible and meditation on the life of Jesus from birth to Resurrection to the the infancy of the church and so on…. The presence of His mother; Christ himself puts at the forefront by giving her to the disciple whom he loves before he gives dies on the Cross. Are you the disciple whom he loved? I know I am and I will run to the mother whom I share with Christ with my prayers and petitions to take to our Lord for an end to this madness.

      2. Your spiritual illiteracy and inexperience is showing, there is no prayer more powerful than the rosary.
        Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art though among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
        Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us ….
        Pray the rosary all day long, old souls know this.

  3. Sadly today’s “leaders “ are almost all satanists. Communism = satanism. That is why America including NM is so dysfunctional and there is so much poverty and misery in this state. These cabalist “leaders” are selected for their narcissism and hatred of God and mankind, also a satanic trait . NM has communists at every important level of government. Lisa is right, pray for divine intervention and stand fast with God that his judgment will prevail.

  4. Richard T Williams

    We rebuke satan in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We bind demons, devils, unclean spirits coming from satan’s followers and cast them into the pit. We pray they repent and ask for forgiveness from Jesus, or they will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

  5. These are very dark times. God help us, Mother Mary intercede for us. Our strongest weapon against Satan is the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. “ Jesus we trust in you”.

  6. Moochie Loserjan is a prime example of the need for RETROACTIVE birth control!!! Her reign of corruption and intimidation need to be ended and she needs escorted out of the roundhouse in handcuffs!

  7. Shouting the Devil and its demon MLG out of NM

    Was not going to post anything any longer to this page. However, MLG is an evil, demonic, freak. How dare this evil women bring more evil to our once holy Catholic state of New Mexico. God will stop them. God always wins. MLG’s days of mocking God will end. Her and all the evil baby murderers will go down with her.

  8. Stephanie McKenzie

    As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ I declare that every square inch of New Mexico displays the light, life, love and righteousness of God. All those public officials who do not believe in God or the constitution of the United States must be removed from office. This reign of terror of the Satanists in New Mexico must stop now. The people of New Mexico deserve to have officials that support our values.

  9. I can’t help but wonder just what this governor may be getting in terms of payback for her stances on open borders and killing babies! Is she benefitting somehow from human trafficking and dismembered babies?? Money talks and it rules and I can’t help but consider the power this may have over her. She seems to lack a conscience of any kind.

    1. Yes, she is. MLG has cartel ties. She also has full knowledge of the border drug and human trafficking, as well as what Epstein was doing in Stanley (remember, Richardson was named as an Epstein client by Virginia Giuffre in Maxwell’s trial and he and MLG went to several events at Zorro Ranch ). Plenty of her friends are involved as well, hence her looking the other way.

      For everyone else: THIS IS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR. I really am tired of hearing people say, “New Mexico needs prayers.” Prayer is no substitute for PHYSICAL ACTION. Where were you when voting was being done? On one hand, we have Maggie Screwloose Oliver cheating and guarding her ERIC data like the fox in the henhouse. BUT, if every single Republican in this state got out and voted, the algorhythm would have been broken and she would have been voted out. Unfortunately, a lot of you voted for Bedonie, who was PAID TO SPLIT THE VOTE. And now, we are going into legislative sessions, where a lot of things are being voted on. Are you sitting home lazily complaining or are you on the phone, logging in to give public comment on meetings or emailing your representative. If not, YOU are to blame for what happens to this state. YOU have to put action into your displeasure. Posting here isn’t going to cut it. I work 60 hours a week and still find the time to write and call my representatives and get involved with the meetings where I can comment directly to legislators and be on record for doing so. What’s your excuse?

      This is what you voted for….

  10. I didn’t vote for her nor did I vote for Ronchetti. He was a compromise not worth going to the polls for. I thought about voting for the 3rd party, but thought it would not count, so didn’t vote. What’s wrong with this 2party system we all our government?
    I think I don’t have a voice.

  11. This is what happens when the citizens are lied to by an evil tyrant. She sold NM abortion under the name of healthcare. The Legislature repealed all laws regarding abortion, I would contend this was her plan along. She used COVID to seize control of the State and strip its citizens of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. There is nothing that will stop her and her dark agenda until the citizens wake up and remove her from power.

  12. I voted and worked hard to educate others to vote. Unfortunately, half the people in this state either do not know what is going on or do not care. That is until All of their freedom is gone, and it will be too late. This post is encouraging by the way because it is good to know there are honest patriots and like-minded people who agree that this state and country is in deep darkness. As for writing to our legislators, I did and what a joke with the BS responses you get back if any at all. God bless New Mexico..

  13. The blood of the innocents are on their hands, a massive abomination to God (even going so far as to be outwardly promoted by the Satanic Temple!) but we must stand against this statewide and national evil. The Spiritual battle is indeed real.

  14. We have separation of church and state for a reason. Well done Satanic Temple- A fundamentally libertarian and satirical organization did on this reply board one of it’s main goals- get people riled up. It’s next goal-a little too much to ask on a conservative blog- get people to think.

  15. This misleading article is too funny. And it seems all the ignorant ‘christians’ bought into the whole thing… Too abd these people get to vote too

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