Richardson implicated in Epstein’s depraved sex assault court docs.

Nearly 200 previously redacted names from court documents in the lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, former accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, have been disclosed by a federal judge in New York. U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release in December, allowing two weeks for potential appeals by the Jane and John Does involved.

The revealed names, present in 40 unredacted documents, include notable figures like former President Bill Clinton, Clinton’s estranged aide Doug Band, Prince Andrew, late former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and the deceased French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, who awaited trial like Epstein. Epstein, with connections to high-profile individuals ranging from U.S. presidents to foreign leaders, Hollywood stars, academics, and figures in the modeling and fashion industries, had some names known through other means but were previously withheld from public view during the lawsuit. Richardson recently passed away.

Many of the disclosed names have not faced accusations of wrongdoing, such as Clinton, who opted not to request continued sealing of his name. Clinton’s spokesperson refuted claims in the documents suggesting a “close personal relationship” between Clinton and Epstein.

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Newly unsealed names also include billionaire Glenn Dubin and his former private chef Rinaldo Rizzo. Earlier documents disclosed Rizzo’s account of Epstein and Maxwell visiting Dubin’s residence with a disoriented 15-year-old girl. Other mentions involve Tony Figueroa, Limited Brands founder Les Wexner, and Epstein accusers Johanna Sjoberg and Annie Farmer.

A noteworthy addition to the list is David Copperfield, accused of sexually assaulting a teen model, described as a friend of Epstein in the documents. Sjoberg, in her deposition, alleged Epstein mentioned Trump and claimed he’d contact the businessman when his helicopter had rerouted to Atlantic City. Sjoberg clarified she never provided massages to Donald Trump, director George Lucas, or computer scientist Marvin Minsky.

Some names were withheld for reasons such as protecting Epstein’s underage victims or due to false identification. Dubin and his wife, Eva Andersson Dubin, previously dated Epstein but denied knowledge of his actions.

The unredacted names originated from documents in a lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein accuser who settled out of court in 2017. In a separate criminal case, Maxwell received a 20-year sentence for sex trafficking Epstein’s victims.

The release coincides with Congressional efforts to unveil names of Epstein’s clients and private jet passengers. Tennessee Republicans Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Tim Burchett accused Democrats of hindering document release. Giuffre praised their efforts, expressing anticipation over the unnamed associates facing scrutiny.

As the information becomes public, the fight for transparency and accountability continues, and individuals suspecting trafficking are encouraged to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at (888) 373-7888.


22 thoughts on “Richardson implicated in Epstein’s depraved sex assault court docs.”

  1. Richardson went to zorro ranch all the time. Can’t hide those limos from the people and there were always limos out here during that time, I saw them often. Yeah, Richardson was a sleaze too!

    1. Yep I remember seeing Richardson Clinton And Epstein at Fundraising events in Santa Fe when Richardson was Governor. He was a sleepy creep but lots of top NM officials were at that Ranch

  2. Richardson is beyond the reach of the law, hopefully burning in Hell, but the thousands of other pedos, traffickers and monsters are still out there. Even with hours of video evidence from the vaults of Epstein’s/CIA blackmail operations safely locked away by a “judges” orders NONE of these animals will ever be exposed or punished, but here is a link that will give you an idea of the size and scope of our enemy.
    “It’s a big club and we aren’t in it!”

  3. I can’t imagine slimeball Bill being involved.. His name is involved in a lot of dirty deeds so this shouldn’t surprise anyone! Where do you think the piglet Loserjan learned some of her corrupt behaviors? from slimeball Bill!

    1. I haven’t gone though all the released paperwork myself yet…but she was! Epstein fancied himself as an art patron and there were several official state events held at Zorro. MLG was working under Richardson then, so it would have been improbable that she wasn’t at those events. We all know how much MLG loves a party.

    1. Nope. Trump admits to knowing Epstein when they were both younger (20s, 30s) and in that stage of single boy life where they liked partying and hanging out with a lot of women. Trump did say that Epstein liked women and had many “on the younger side.” But when he realized that “younger side” was 13-16 as opposed to 18 or 21, he distanced far away and admitted that he had no contact with Epstein for decades.

  4. This isn’t surprising. Virginia Giuffre named Richardson as a man she was trafficked to at 16-17 when she testified at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Richardson was mentioned by name and she also gave the prosecution “personal information” that only someone who saw BR naked would have. There is no excuse for a girl that young to have seen that man naked. Zero. Was anything ever done about it? Nope. I can only hope that he is writhing in misery and flames right now.

  5. Bee you are wrong- Trump was on the list- “Clinton and Trump are named in Jeffrey Epstein documents; no wrongdoing alleged”
    Trump and Epstein are cut from the same fabric.

    1. I see you’ve learned the art of copy and paste Andrew. How ’bout you learn a new trick or come up with a different argument

  6. Trump and Epstein had a reported friendship, with Trump telling New York magazine in 2002 that he’d known Epstein for 15 years and that he was a “terrific guy.” and flew on Epstein’s plane many times. Also, Donald Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung has responded after the former president was named in a release of court documents involving late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, saying any claims regarding Trump’s relationship with Epstein were “thoroughly debunked.” Just saying- still insist he’s not on the list? Maybe you should work for the unbiased and world respected Pinon Post…

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