Reporter says Stapleton probe ‘perhaps the largest political corruption investigation I’ve reported on’

On Wednesday, in wake of the news that number two Democrat in the New Mexico House, majority leader Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Bernalillo), was under investigation for racketeering, money laundering, and illegal kickbacks, New Mexicans responded to the news.

One of the most shocked, and ironically so was Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who claimed to be “deeply troubled” by the reports, and that “public officials must always hold themselves to the highest possible standard of behavior.” 

Lujan Grisham is currently under investigation by the State Ethics Commission for misuse of campaign funds. She previously paid an ex-staffer $62,500 for allegedly pouring water on his crotch and then grabbing his penis.

KOB 4 reporter Chris Ramirez wrote on Twitter, “This is perhaps the largest political corruption investigation I’ve reported on.”

Dan McKay of the Albuquerque Journal wrote on Twitter that Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Bernalillo) and “other Democratic leaders” say they are “shocked and dismayed by the deeply troubling allegations against” Stapleton.

The Republican Party of New Mexico wrote that “If the allegations prove true, they are a disturbing violation of the sacred public trust.” 

Far-left state Sen. Jacob Candelaria weighed in on Twitter, writing, “Will she remain majority leader? And for how long??” 

According to Leader Stapleton’s latest financial disclosure, the only income she reported was from the Albuquerque Public Schools and land in Sandoval County.

PHOTO: Screenshot via KOB 4.


6 thoughts on “Reporter says Stapleton probe ‘perhaps the largest political corruption investigation I’ve reported on’”

  1. When she ends up resigning and a new election is held for her spot the residents in Bernallilo county will just replace her with another far left radical.

  2. Didn’t these “people” ever look around recently (the ENTIRE LAST YEAR) to see all the DISTRUST from the PUBLIC of these heartless & thieving foxes that run the hen house?
    Stolen elections/Fear Mongering/Lockdowns/Science-less mask mandates/economic destruction/the list goes on and on.
    Lets get a financially fit ethical non-politician (Greg Zanetti for example) in there to fix it and keep these goons out for good. Maybe then businesses will want to locate here seeing peace and wisdom have been restored. Maybe then faith in PUBLIC SERVANTS will be restored in the hearts and minds of New Mexicans.

  3. Wait- that is a leader of the nm house? Who would vote for that?
    i thought it was a homeless crackhead .

  4. The Democrat leaders were all surprised? Yes, surprised she got caught. After all, she was probably mentored by some of them.

  5. No wonder we can’t get out of last in the country on education, large portions of the money for our kiddos is going to fatten corrupt democrat’s bank accounts! This politician should be ashamed of herself, along with her family members who are her partners in crime. Simply DISPICABLE.

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