Report: If elected, Biden would likely tap Heinrich for Dept. of the Interior, MLG for Dept. of Energy

On Wednesday, pro-energy group Power the Future released a comprehensive report on former vice president and Democrat nominee for president Joe Biden’s energy policies, which reveal his long history of anti-oil and gas rhetoric, as well as his possible Cabinet secretaries, if elected.

“Biden has proudly embraced ‘net zero-ism.’ ‘Net-zero,’ of course, is the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) goal that green activists demand all climate policy must aim for to be considered legitimate,” the report reveals. However, “the goal is impossible to meet. But for greens that’s irrelevant.” 

Biden has already expressed support for the “Green New Deal,” a far-left socialist proposal brought forth by the farthest left “climate change” activists around, notable New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who once claimed, “the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.”

“No more drilling on federal lands,” Biden pledged. “No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. Ends.” The total ban on all drilling is a radical proposal, especially since 40% of New Mexico’s state revenue comes from the oil and gas sector, which provides billions in critical funds to keep New Mexico running, specifically in terms of funding public education. In Biden’s America, New Mexico would have to scrape at the bottom of the barrel some way, somehow, to fund schools for our children to receive an education. Biden also claimed, “I’ve never been middle of the road on the environment.”

But even more startling in Power the Future’s report were revelations of who Biden may tap for key Cabinet positions, such as Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Energy, New Mexico politicians, including Sen. Martin Heinrich (who permanently lives in Maryland), and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed a law referred to as New Mexico’s mini “Green New Deal,” are being considered.

The report says, “Sen. Heinrich’s record representing the state of New Mexico shows a politician who cares more about earning goodwill with liberal leaders like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in Washington, DC then doing what’s right economically for the constituents he represents in an energy-producing state. Usually, when a politician stops looking out for their own constituents’ best interests, it means they have another job they want in life. That makes Sen. Heinrich the front-runner for Interior right now.”

Lujan Grisham is mentioned as a possible pick for Secretary of Energy, “along with former HUD Secretary Julian Castro (D-TX) and Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA).” Lujan Grisham’s Green New Deal would force through a net-zero carbon mandate by 2045, completely decimating the oil and gas industry by that date.

“Judging by the fact they’ve embraced radical environmentalism at the expense of New Mexicans, there’s no doubt Governor Lujan Grisham and Senator Heinrich would jump at the chance to be in a possible Biden administration,” says Larry Behrens of Power the Future. “The energy policies they’ve forced upon us will continue to have terrible consequences for our families and that’s why they’re hoping for a soft landing in Washington because it means they won’t have to live with the results in New Mexico.”

In conclusion, the report plainly states, “This is what the public should expect from a Biden presidency. On energy and environmental policy (and very likely so much else), Biden is fully simpatico with the most extremist elements of the Democratic party and the green movement. The effect will cripple America’s shale revolution and immiserate consumers, especially the poor.”


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