Rep. Herrell’s campaign delivers drinking water to firefighters battling Three Rivers Fire

On Tuesday, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of the Second District wrote on Twitter that her campaign team is working to aid the firefighters who are working on controlling the Three Rivers Fire by delivering them drinking water.

In the post, Herrell wrote, “Team Yvette is headed up to the #ThreeRiversFire with drinking water for our firefighters. Pray for more rain!”

According to the most recent updates on the fire from the National Fores Service, 6,100 acres have been enveloped in flames with 0% of the fire contained.

The fire is “being driven by steep terrain and extreme fire weather conditions, including gusty winds and low humidity levels around 8 percent,” says the National Forest Service. The fire has spread almost to Ski Apache and into the South Fork area.

Following news of the blaze, public officials representing the area made it clear they are working with fire officials to [aid] in any way necessary. Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell wrote, “My staff and I are closely monitoring the Three Rivers Fire and staying in regular contact with the USDA, USFS, state, and local officials. Our prayers are with those fighting the fire as well as those in its path. Stay safe, heed the warnings and orders from authorities, and be prepared to relocate quickly if necessary. Please also beware of unconfirmed information about the situation, and follow official sources like U.S. Forest Service – Lincoln National Forest, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, and for the latest reliable and factual updates.” 

More information will be added once the National Forest Service has given an update on the Three Rivers Fire of 2021.

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  1. Thank you for your care and convern for our beautiful stste. The tragedy of fire is ever present in our mountains. The church in Carlsbad, where we attended, lost one camp and then was threatened by the last fire in the Three Rivers area. God delivered us from that disaster by stopping it just across the highway. James Hobbs, of Flying J Wranglers wrote a tear jerking song about that fire. Here, in the Gila, we have standing dead trees from past fires.
    The ground under them is littered with dead wood, another fire in the making. And our state is stopping the removal of the tenderbox we see every time we travel to Silver City. Also, since the 90s the lumber industry has been under attack and the lumber mill survives by going to Arizona.

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