Rep. Herrell schools abortionist: Dismembering a baby is ‘exactly’ what late-term abortion is

During a heated committee hearing in the U.S. House Rules and Oversight Committee chaired by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-NM-02) took a radical Texas abortionist, Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi, to task for the killing of babies in the womb in late-term abortions.

Herrell said, “I come from a state — the State of New Mexico — where obviously late-term abortion is alive and well. I don’t support that, but what I do want to ask you [are] specific questions about the procedure as a whole. Is it true that abortion procedures change based on the gestational age and size of the unborn child?”  

Moayedi tried to dodge the question by answering a previous question, but Herrell said, “No, thank you. Please answer my question.” 

“So, abortion procedures are individualized to the person, where they’re at in the pregnancy, their unique medical circumstances, and the setting in which we’re providing the [abortion].” 

Regarding what procedures are specifically used in late-term abortions, Moayedi said she uses “the same techniques” as an earlier stage abortion but she uses “additional instruments,” such as forceps to break the limbs off of the older unborn baby. 

Rep. Herrell then asked what specifically is the difference between an earlier stage abortion and one after 15 weeks gestation. 

“We use a combination of gently dilating the cervix using medications and dilators and then removing the pregnancy using suction and instruments,” Moayedi answered. 

“So these are more along the line of a dismemberment abortion,” said Rep. Herrell.

Moayedi jumped in claiming, “That is not a medical term.” 

Herrell shot back, “But it is used…. The procedure.” 

“The procedure is called a dilation and evacuation,” said Moayedi. 

Herrell said, “So it is equal to dismemberment.” 

The doctor once again claimed the term Herrell used is “not a medical term,” despite that being what happens in the late-term abortion: dismembering a baby in the womb  — which is an incredibly painful and excruciating death for the unborn child.

Herrell said, “Well, I just want to make sure that the public can understand exactly what we’re talking about because we are talking about dismembering a baby with a heartbeat.” She added, “Let’s call it what it is. I’m going to say dismemberment. You don’t have to respond to that but we all know that’s exactly what it is and people need to understand what we are talking about when we’re dismembering arms and legs of a beating heart baby.”


The same abortionist claimed abortion is a“blessing” and an“act of love.”


12 thoughts on “Rep. Herrell schools abortionist: Dismembering a baby is ‘exactly’ what late-term abortion is”

    1. Yep. Education is knowledge. Dismemberment is the act of dismembering. It means removing things…and in this case, the removal of arms and legs and heads… Of an infant. Not a medical term? Then wtf is dismemberment in any other term? In a homicide case… dismemberment is what happen to that innocent child in Albuquerque stuffed into black plastic trash bags… Dismemberment in a automotive accident means someone lost a body part in a car wreck. If you get dismembered in any accident…you lost a part of your body somewheres… If your in a war zone and your opponent is dismembered …I’m thinking your opponent ain’t walking too good no mores… If you dismember anything at any time…I’m pretty damn sure you took parts off of what was whole…and it’s now…not whole. What I see in this is a sick mentally challenged person, playing word salad, with abortion to make it sound less…vulgar…is… Astounding even more…that thing, who calls itself a doctor… testifying before the elected House…is a horrible horrible human being.

  1. Really, Medical Terms? Democratic Code Speak you mean. You got schooled from our only voice in this state. Thank You Rep. Herrell. Abortion vs our Catholic population. What is more important? Religion or Politics?

  2. Thank you Representative Herrell for making it understandable to anyone that this is murder and an awful, pained death for the baby. GOD is watching this wickedness.

  3. Exactly she is right it dismembers babies….a living human being inside of a person is being torn limb by limb just because the mother and father do not want it or the mother deiced to kill the child….how sickening is that….these people will judged by God himself for not protecting the unborn….they are also putting human embryonic kidney cells into the gene therapy shots knows as vaccines…..another reason they want abortion to live on and prosper…..sad sad sad!!!!

  4. The only reason for a late term abortion is the nonviability of the fetus. People forget the terms and conditions of Roe V Wade. No woman ever just changed her mind about having a baby after being pregnant for 4 month on. It gets on my last nerve that some people treat women like they are all unstable and need some man to guide their every move. Give me a break already!!

  5. These are not facts that actually occur. The fetus is expelled after the woman is induced with drugs. It’s actually painful for the woman, the fetus has already expired. A safe abortion of a nonviable human being saves the women to continue to mother her other children. Its a crying shame that people don’t recognize the need for a safe abortion. This other conspiracy theory you have about vaccines is pure horse pucky.

  6. God Bless you Rep. Herrell for trying your best to get the doctor to truthfully and honestly answer the late term procedure in layman terms. Thanks for trying, but we all know put in layman terms it is too gruesome to hear.

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