Radical anti-gun bill one hurdle away from becoming law

On Friday, the state Senate passed H.B. 9, an extreme piece of legislation that would force New Mexicans to lock up their firearms in “a gun safe or a device that prevents a firearm from being discharged or from being used to expel a projectile by the action of an explosion or a device other than a gun safe that locks a firearm and is designed to prevent children and unauthorized users from firing a firearm, which device may be installed on a firearm, be incorporated into the design of the firearm or prevent access to the firearm.”

If the gun owner does not lock up any and all firearms and their gun is somehow used in an offense by a minor causing “great bodily harm” or death, the parent of that child could be made a felon if the victim of the crime is killed or permanently disabled.

As noted by even some Democrats in the chamber during a July 2022 preview of the bill, it would be the first crime proposal to base a defendant’s sentence not on their own actions but that of someone else (a minor) who got ahold of a firearm. 

The bill does not, however, include provisions protecting the gun owner if the firearm was stolen, nor does it account for the de-facto tax it burdens the owner with being forced to find a new locking device to place it at all times. The bill is also blatantly unconstitutional.

The Senate amended the bill to add an exception for children hunting, but it would still require locking up the gun at nearly all times. Other amendments were also made. 

All Republicans and one Democrat, Sen. Benny Shendo, Jr. (D-Jemez Pueblo), voted against the bill. The final tally for the bill was 24-16.

It now goes back to the House for concurrence since it was amended in the upper chamber. If it passes the House for concurrence, it will go to the governor’s desk for a signature. Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has already signaled she will sign it into law.


15 thoughts on “Radical anti-gun bill one hurdle away from becoming law”

  1. “If it only saves one life.”
    The mantra of those who are void of the knowledge that firearms save several hundred thousand lives a year in the US.

  2. Your home is being broken into at 2am, multiple criminals in your house, its dark and now you’re trying to access your firearm which is locked in a safe in the dark and under duress. Headline reads man and his 3 kids are killed in a home invasion, man was trying to access his locked up gun. Michelle lujan, decides to let the criminals off with a slap on the hand.

    1. My firearm wont be locked in my safe at night. It’ll be next to my bed as always!!!

      MLG is protected by guns and so am I and so should every New Mexican have that option!

  3. I will continue to keep MY guns in MY house the way I choose to keep them.

    Here is the likely scenario. If a criminal or anyone who is not invited breaks into my house, I will be using my gun, until the clip is empty. Because Michelle Lujan Grisham feels that criminals have more rights than I do. I keep my gun and the ammo where I can easily reach it, because in those situations, there is no time to futz with a gun safe. Heck, I have issues with the safety caps on medication bottles…a gun safe is the equivalent of that in an emergency.

    I am not worried about anyone underage or otherwise in my house shooting anyone “accidentally.” Why? Because our sons were trained in gun safety from toddler-hood. Three boys x guns = no injuries or deaths, ever. And all three of them are excellent shots.

    This is a BS bill and if they sign it into law, I am going to do what I did all along with the mandates: ignore it. Does this bill piss you off? Then stop being lazy and call/email the sponsors and your representatives!

    1. They do not represent the people, obviously. But, yes, call anyways as they are breaking their Oath of office to uphold the Constitution! All who vote for these unconstitutional bills should be locked up and never allowed to run for any office ever again!

  4. This is totally unconstitutional!!!! Everyone is aware this state has been taken over by dictators‼️

  5. This is clear overreach of limited authority executed by the public official; however, the people in NM seem to deem this normal behavior and since none of us are in the right “cliques” our words our peaceful and lawful actions mean nothing to them. They are traitors and our Sheriffs are no longer supportive of the people. The only reason the Japanese did not invade the USA during WWII was because the people were armed. This is step one and since the voting is rigged, it will be followed by step 2 if our Sheriffs and the People do not support each other.

  6. Shall not be infringed. People should not comply with this over reach. Lawsuits will be filed and it will be overturned so why do our elected officials waste their time and our money on things like this?

  7. Another unconstitutional bill to take away our freedom and ensure criminals take over our state. Proverbs chapter 29 verse 16 “When evil men are in power, crime increases. But the righteous will live to see the downfall of such men.” Their appetite for power and control is insatiable. Do not comply. If the masses would have defended their rights during the lockdowns and mandates this shit would not be happening.

  8. It is a bait and switch deal. Here look at these gun laws so we can change boys into girls and take all rights away from parents in regard to what will be taught in school. So many feel “just leave me alone” I am sorry we are in this condition. I hope that sanity will come back again.

  9. Sec 6 of the New Mexico constitution dated November1971 states that it’s constitutional to have and use firearms for hunting and defense, thereby if they are locked up the cannot be used in self defense. Therefore these state legislators and and senators as well as the governor are breaching their own oath of office to honor the NM Constitution as well as the US constitution bill I of rights. Since the control both branches in NM the only way to change is to vote them out next election.

  10. Mjshaffer@hotmail.com

    If this ‘law’ is passed and signed by this governor an immediate law suit must be filed. It needs to go straight to the Supreme Court. The erosion of our rights at such an alarming rate is shocking. The liberal agenda must be corrected as soon as possible!

  11. Outlaw Preacher

    The key phrase in the above story “blatantly unconstitutional”. They can pass whatever they want. Nobody will comply and the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn it.

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