Queen Elizabeth II, longest-reigning female monarch, dead at 96

On Thursday, it was reported that the longest-reigning female monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II of England, had passed away, according to Buckingham Palace. The reigns to the throne will now go to Prince Charles, the heir apparent and longest-serving Duke of Wales.

Reuters reports:

Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and the nation’s figurehead for seven decades, has died aged 96, Buckingham Palace said on Thursday.

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

“The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

Her eldest son Charles, 73, automatically becomes king of the United Kingdom and the head of state of 14 other realms including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met Queen Elizabeth II while visiting Great Britain, with the President commenting on the long-ruling monarch’s conversation with him.

Trump said afterward, “But I met her, and it turned out to be more than an hour, substantially, because she liked me, and I liked her and she let it be known. She liked me and I let it be known.”

“And I sat next to her and we talked the whole night. And somebody said, ‘we’ve never seen her smile so much.’ 

The Queen came to power following the death of her father, King George VI, on Feb. 6, 1952, when she was just 25.

President Trump released the following statement via Truth Social after the monarch’s death:

Melania and I are deeply saddened to learn of the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Together with our family and fellow Americans, we send our sincere condolences to the Royal Family and the people of the United Kingdom during this time of great sorrow and grief. Queen Elizabeth’s historic and remarkable reign left a tremendous legacy of peace and prosperity for Great Britain. Her leadership and enduring diplomacy secured and advanced alliances with the United States and countries around the world.

However, she will always be remembered for her faithfulness to her country and her unwavering devotion to her fellow countrymen and women. Melania and I will always cherish our time together with the Queen, and never forget Her Majesty’s generous friendship, great wisdom, and wonderful sense of humor. What a grand and beautiful lady she was—there was nobody like her!

Our thoughts and prayers will remain with the great people of the United Kingdom as you honor her most meaningful life and exceptional service to the people. May God bless the Queen, may she reign forever in our hearts, and may God hold her and Prince Philip in abiding care.


4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II, longest-reigning female monarch, dead at 96”

  1. Jason Q will go live at 5 pm with Lewis Herms re the Queen, who has been dead for awhile. Lewis Herms’ rumble is ScrewBigGov.

  2. I have nothing bad to say about her, except that I don’t like how that family treated Diana – lots of drama and a few deaths could have been averted by allowing Charles to marry Camilla when he was young like he wanted to. And I am angry at how they quietly squirreled Andrew away after the Epstein scandal (instead of holding him accountable). Other than that, I got nothing. Monarchies in this age are meaningless. I have a lot of respect for her for serving during wartime when a female royal was not expected to. I also admire her and Philip’s story. Unlike most royals, they married for love and had a quiet, scandal-less life together. 96 is a good run. If Charles is smart, he will step aside and allow William – someone more modern and in-touch – to be king.

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