Piñon Post’s John Block running for NM House to ‘FINALLY send a fighter to the Legislature’

 On Monday, Piñon Post editor and founder John Block officially announced his candidacy for the New Mexico House of Representatives in District 51 in Alamogordo. He is proudly the America-First Republican candidate in the race

John is the founder and editor of the Piñon Post, New Mexico’s leading conservative online news publication with hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

He is a native New Mexican and a longtime conservative political activist in the state, fighting and winning battles for the people. In Alamogordo, John led tough fights to stop Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in local schools, helped elect conservative Republicans to municipal offices, and stood by our brave U.S. Air Force Service Members against Joe Biden’s inhumane and unconstitutional COVID-19 shot mandates. 

I come from a regular working-class family like most folks here in Alamogordo. From bussing tables to working a hotel front desk, I know the value of a long day’s work. Our representative must work as hard as our community does to ease the tax burden on working families like mine and support our small businesses,” said Block.

But our current legislator was the lone vote against tax relief for hurting small businesses during Michelle Lujan Grisham’s brutal Coronavirus lockdown. She voted to raise our taxes and was absent or voted against us on key bills regarding domestic terrorism, the economy, and the most important right to LIFE. John is running because Otero County deserves a stronger voice who actually shows up for them. 

As a native New Mexican, John was born, raised, educated, and is proud to live in our state. He knows our community’s values because he was there when we needed him the most. John also worked as a staffer at the New Mexico House of Representatives, as a leader in the pro-life movement, managing one of the largest pro-Trump organizations in the country, and as a reporter finally bringing a conservative voice to New Mexico’s media. 

Block said, “Alamogordo needs an America-First conservative champion who shows up and takes the fight to the Radical Democrats. The hard-working men and women of District 51 should not be forced to settle for a representative who takes them for granted. This election, our community finally has a choice. We need to FINALLY send a fighter to the Legislature.” 

John’s campaign is laser-focused on the issues that matter most to Alamogordo, including defending our Constitutional rights, supporting our Law Enforcers, Military Service Members, and Veterans. He will continue to champion District 51’s small businesses, protect our families and the sacred right to life, and tackle voter fraud and corruption in the state — issues he has spent years advocating for. 

We can’t fix our state’s problems by keeping the same politicians in office who have created or inflamed these failures and expecting a different result. We need a fighter for District 51 who will ALWAYS show up and I will be that fighter for you,” added Block.

Watch John’s Announcement Video:

Find out more about John at JohnBlock.com. Follow him on Facebook here and on GETTR here. If you live in the 51st District, sign John’s nominating petition here.

Block will continue to run the Piñon Post and it will remain New Mexico’s leading conservative online news publication.


7 thoughts on “Piñon Post’s John Block running for NM House to ‘FINALLY send a fighter to the Legislature’”

  1. We need more People like John Block looking out for the public interest. If our other so called representatives had the courage, honesty and integrity John has , New Mexico would not be first in everything bad and last in everything good. Good Luck John, wish you were running in my district.

  2. Words can’t express how joyful I am to know that a man of integrity such as you John, is running for office. Your years of publicly defending conservative New Mexico, family values, and faith are without question and is proven by your Pinon Post. Lincoln said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but I you want to know a man’s character, give him power”. New Mexico knows you character is humble and genuinely for the good of the people. Our prayers are with you John!

  3. I just saw this video John and I also just watched you for six weeks of Legislation at The Capitol House in Santa Fe, and I can personally testify that you followed through on all your promises. You fought hard, with intelligence, strength and unrelenting purpose–against almost impossible odds and some mind-boggling evil. .People in your district are so lucky to have such an committed Representative.

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