Piñon Post interviews GOP gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie

On August 25, 2021, Republican gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie had a one-on-one interview with Piñon Post editor John Block to discuss the 2022 governor’s race to take out Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, current events, and what Bedonie brings to the race. Karen Bedonie is a small businesswoman and former candidate for Congress in New Mexico’s Third District. 


If the video is not showing up for you, please visit the video here.

Find out more about Karen at BedonieTough.com.

All Republican candidates for governor are scheduled for interviews and these interviews are being posted in alphabetical order by their last names. The next batch of one-on-one interviews will be posted this week featuring Rebecca Dow and Ethel Maharg. 

The Piñon Post has made it a policy of not endorsing candidates. 


3 thoughts on “Piñon Post interviews GOP gubernatorial candidate Karen Bedonie”

  1. I have never seen so many people energized about a candidate! I’ve never seen nor heard of a candidate who puts some much of her time and effort to listen and to meet the people! She is a hard working AMERICAN and she will make New Mexico proud. She listens, she knows, she understands, that is why she is the best candidate for NM. #BedonieTough #Bedonie2022 #Bedonie4NM

  2. Agreed. She has also been warning about the 30×30 which takes 30% of each state’s land for conservation by the federal government. MLG just signed an executive order last week to enforce this here in NM. We’re already above 30% federal land already – so that means she will take more private land! We need to get rid of MLG. Vote Bedonie Tough!

  3. Just like Jay, Your Messaging needs work too! You need to learn to do interviews. Your first 10 seconds were terrible.
    I painfully watched this interview and I’m sad that I lost 30 minutes of my life that I’m never going to get back. Don’t waste our time.
    I’m concerned with the candidates that are running for governor. Right now, I don’t see anyone dethroning MLG. It hurts to say this, but you don’t got it either.

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