Opening day: MLG goes leftward, Dems boot moderate from powerful chair post

On Tuesday, the New Mexico Legislature met for the first session of the 56th Legislature, which is meeting for 60 days this year. 17 new members were sworn in, and Democrats elected Rep. Javier Martínez (D-Bernalillo) as the next state House speaker, succeeding former Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe). 

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham also gave her annual “State of the State” address, where she made clear her priority to ram through $10 million in funding for a new Las Cruces abortion facility and codify abortion up to birth into law.

She also announced she wants socialized “universal health care” in New Mexico, taxpayer-funded paid family leave, expanded “free” college programs, as well as millions more to fund the state’s already failing schools that rank behind all other states and the District of Columbia. She also called for a new state department, the “New Mexico Health Care Authority” to help enact her universal healthcare dreams, as well as universal gun bans in the state.

But the most surprising takeaway from the meeting of the 56th Legislature on opening day was the removal of more moderate Rep. Patricia Lundstrom (D-Gallup) from the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Speaker Martinez put progressive Rep. Nathan Small in the spot instead, garnering confusion about the leadership mixup.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, Lundstrom said following the news, “This is unbelievable.” She told the Albuquerque Journal, “I’m incredibly disappointed, and I’m absolutely shocked.” She said Martínez “said I don’t meet his vision.”

“The speaker has the responsibility and the prerogative to organize the House committees as he feels best meets the current needs of New Mexico,” House Democratic spokeswoman Camille Ward told the Journal. “With new leadership on both sides of the aisle and on many of our committees in this session, Speaker Martínez is beginning a new chapter to move New Mexico forward.”

Another member making a large move is Rep. Christine Chandler (D-Los Alamos), who was moved from the chairwoman of House Taxation and Revenue to the powerful House Judiciary Committee, succeeding Rep. Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo), who was recently elected Democrat House floor leader.

Initiatives Democrats seek to pass during the legislature include many of Lujan Grisham’s proposals, as well as “modernizing” the state legislature from a “citizen legislature” to a “professional legislature” where members of the House and Senate are paid, while they each are granted funds for district offices in their respective areas of the state. 


20 thoughts on “Opening day: MLG goes leftward, Dems boot moderate from powerful chair post”

    1. We had the chance to block her in November. She could have been voted out, had enough Conservatives showed up to nullify Maggie Screwloose Oliver’s dirty rolls. Yes, there was cheating…but the fact also remains that not enough people voted. And we can blame Karen Turncoat Bedonie as well. She split the vote and was well aware of what she was doing. “That man won’t get elected.” No, Karen, he did not. Bedonie supporters bought MLG 4 more years. So, we have 46 more months of her, like it or not.

      The only other “tool” that we have is to hammer these elected officials. Email, call…let them know that you are unhappy with what they are doing. If there is a legislative meeting where public comment is allowed, get yourself on that meeting. Problem is, most New Mexicans are too lazy to do even this much. They will complain about MLG and her minions, endlessly, though. Put some skin in the game and get involved, or I don’t want to hear it.

  1. The dems are setting the groundwork for total Democratic control in the future. Imagine the influx of people wanting universal healthcare. Dems know want their votes. Smart move by the dems. Too bad the GOP is not as forward thinking.

    1. This is why the GOP lawsuit for redistricting is so important. The issue starts in redistricting. And yes, it is their intention at total domination. People HAVE GOT TO get involved and volunteer to make a difference. Stop making other people do all the work.

  2. The word “Soviet” means council. So she is setting up a special council, but we all know this is essentially a Soviet system in New Mexico where they’re all Communists.

    Also they STEAL THE ELECTIONS. They control the votes and COMPUTER VOTING MACHINES.

    1. You are so full of mierd, besides being a sore looser, V.A. medical benefits are socialized, the same as medical benefits for congress and senate.

  3. Communism is alive and well in New Mexico thanks to the lunatic governor and her band of outlaws. It’s going to get bumpier so hang on. Is Soros getting his money’s worth? BTW, will NEW Mexico be the first state to secede and become an official part of Mexico. You can bet there are lots of democrats hoping so. The cartels pay well.

  4. Stephanie McKenzie

    I am convinced that the dems of New Mexico stole most of the election in the last 4 or more years. they think they have won and fully intend to change New Mexico into a communist ruled state. But I will not let New Mexico fall to their tyrannical rule. All I have right now is prayer, but that is a mighty power and I pray daily for New Mexico and declare that anyone in any public office who does not believe in God or the Constitution of the United States must be removed from office. And I am very disappointed in the wussy Republicans who will not stand for what is right. The witch and all her cohorts that want to kill babies must go.

    1. Faith without actions is dead. Keep praying and get involved. DO SOMETHING except wishing and waiting for someone else to do the work for you. Stop blaming, get involved. All hands on deck are needed.

    2. I’m with you Stephanie. We serve a Sovereign God who is on the throne. Prayer is powerful and my spirit is grieving for our state. Especially because we have an evil ruler wanting to murder babies from birth to full term as her first priority. Lord help us fight these evil forces in our state.

    1. And you are not a Republican- your are a Fascist. Budget and ideas are inline with a very normal platform the democrats have been implimenting for years- and it’s decades behind other industrial democracies- Far right republics are turning Americans respect and influence on the world stage to zero.

  5. This b…. is the devil’s spawn. How dare the she devil use my tax dollars to pay for an abortion clinic. Wake up New Mexicans and fight for LIFE, FREEDOM, and TRUTH. She will be held accountable one day. As difficult as it is, I pray for the lost souls in the roundhouse. She is just plain evil. God help us and our beautiful lost state.

  6. They are taking us BACK to the dark ages. We have Heinrich who wants to take our gas stoves away and the other Congressmen (including Stansberry) do march to the Communist chant. We are going to have to get together and do something, not just complain because these people could care less about the rest of us.

  7. Phidiot, you’re an idiot. We are quickly becoming a communist nation. Why didn’t you move to China if you think America is behind the times? I feel so sorry for our veterans who fought so hard for their country to see it become a cesspool of murdering, lying socialists.

  8. MLG Demonic NM Leader

    We knew this was coming. Let’s all give a round of applause to the communist liberals who voted these commonists back into power. Or a big middle finger!

  9. Ironic that our veterans fought the communists in Korea and Viet Nam, only to see that communists are now in D.C. and Santa Fe.

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