Officer Justin Hare’s murder suspect apprehended in ABQ

Early on the morning of Sunday, March 17, 2024, we shared the news that Jaremy Smith, the individual accused of fatally shooting New Mexico State Police Officer Justin Hare and being a key figure in the investigation into the death of Phonesia Machado-Fore, a paramedic from South Carolina, was apprehended.

Sources, who chose to remain anonymous, have indicated that Smith was wounded by gunfire from deputies in Bernalillo County, per ABQ Raw. Although the New Mexico State Police were observed escorting the ambulance headed to UNMH, the specifics of Smith’s current health status remain undisclosed.

The vicinity of Anderson Hill and Unser is presently swarmed by law enforcement, leading to traffic advisories for motorists to steer clear of this area.

In a subsequent update at 9:30 AM, the New Mexico State Police confirmed that Jaremy Smith was captured following a car chase that culminated in an exchange of gunfire with deputies from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office.

The Multi-Agency Task Force has launched an inquiry into the incident involving the deputies’ use of firearms. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that none of their deputies sustained injuries during the incident.


15 thoughts on “Officer Justin Hare’s murder suspect apprehended in ABQ”

  1. I dont normally root for people to die, but I hope Jaremy Smith dies. Our joke of a court system will probably release him, and if not, we the taxpayers get to provide food clothing and shelter for that asshat.

  2. Send him back too South Carolina where they don’t let killers out of jail and still have the death penalty. Good job BCSO.

  3. A shame he was only wounded at the scene. Let’s hope he dies from the wounds and saves the taxpayers of NM a ton of money and time.

  4. May God embrace this beautiful soul whose only motive was to assist someone in need. He died so other’s who would have stopped to render assistance to this low life animal would not become a statistic. These kind of animals need to be put to sleep, just as they put rabid animals out of their misery.

  5. Rest in Peace Justin in the arms of our Creator. Great job done in the capture of this animal. Kudos to all our law enforcement officers.

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    Since the Governor prohibits and has outlawed all capitol murderers public executions this should be a real titty twister for her….Just sayin…

  7. Censored again… Lets try it without mentioning the Goobernors stance on prohibition of executions of murderers of capitol felonies… (See John I left out the gobernors upper body parts getting twisted this time)

    Short rope, tall tree, public park, age attendance restricted to 17 and over with adult parent or spouse. Tent beer sales. Tee shirt sales. Free admission. Free parking.

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    All proceeds donated to the deceased and his family.

    1. My step son who is a fire fighter in that area gave me this information when I inquired.

      An account has been set up at Bank of Logan to benefit the young family of NMSP Officer Justin Hare.

      Checks payable to:
      FBO Justin Hare Family Benefit

      Mail to:
      Bank of Logan
      PO Box 97
      Logan, NM 88426

      This is what our family has done. I hope this helps.

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