NM’s congressional reps. demand Israel ‘pause’ defending itself against Hamas

New Mexico’s fully Democrat U.S. House delegation demanded the nation of Israel, which has been ravaged for weeks by Hamas terrorists, “pause” their defensive moves against the unprovoked massacre by the terrorist organization.

Hamas, which rules the failed state of Gaza, is responsible for thousands of deaths in Israel, along with rape, torture, and kidnapping of innocents.

I call for a humanitarian pause in the fighting between Israel and Hamas. A pause would allow desperately needed aid to reach Palestinian civilians in Gaza, provide time to negotiate the release of hostages who Hamas kidnapped, and help civilians reach safety,” wrote Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of the Third District.

She added, “As the U.S. supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas’s terrorist attacks, Israel must protect against the innocent loss of life. Hamas and its allies must also stop their attacks on Israelis. Civilians should not pay the price for Hamas’s terror.”

Rep. Gabe Vasquez of the Second District chimed in, “Two wrongs don’t make a right. The U.S. must not be complicit in the deliberate death and harm to civilians in Gaza,” saying, “That’s why I’m calling on the Administration to work with Israel and its partner nations to pause this conflict and ensure that food, water, fuel and medicine are available to civilians in Gaza and that they are kept out of harm’s way, as we work to release the hostages taken by Hamas.”

“We need a humanitarian pause in Israel and Gaza. Every conflict has consequences for innocent lives caught in the crossfire, violence that shatters families and destroys the futures of the innocent. We must respect the rights of our allies and the innocent,” added Rep. Melanie Stansbury of the First District, sharing a lengthy statement, saying the pause is necessary to enshrine the “inherent dignity of Israeli and Palestinian lives.” 

Stansbury added, “Just as we support our allies in their inherent rights, we cannot turn a blind eye to extremism that undermines peace, security, and democracy, either through violence or through policy. I stand resolute in my support for a two state solution and for a lasting peace across the region.”

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich joined New Mexico’s U.S. House Democrats, writing in a statement, “I join my colleagues in Congress and the Biden Administration in calling for a humanitarian pause in conflict so that lifesaving aid can quickly reach civilians in Gaza. As a nation, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting the innocent and most vulnerable.”

Responses from New Mexicans cmae critical of the move that will no doubt benefit Hamas terrorists, with one person writing to Leger Fernandez, “No, sorry.  A bit late to think about food and water.  Hamas dug up water lines to create missiles.  Let me ask, was there a humanitarian pause during the Hamas attack?  No?  Then why should the attackers get a reprieve.”

A Democrat constituent of Vasquez wrote in response to his statement, “I strongly disagree with you regarding this. Fuel and other supplies that might be allowed into Gaza would [be] used by Hamas.”

To Sen. Heinrich’s post, a commenter wrote, “There was a humanitarian pause. Hamas crossed the border, killed and captured many. Now there’s a war. How wonderful for Hamas that they have supporters like you.” 


51 thoughts on “NM’s congressional reps. demand Israel ‘pause’ defending itself against Hamas”

    1. William George Norris

      No Paul, pause is code for we don’t want to Genocide the Palestinians. What are they going to rearm arm and reload with? Fertilizer, gunpowder and coffee cans so they can make more missles? What a joke! This an asymmetrical war! Israel arsenal is GIGANTIC compared to Hamas. They are supplied with all of the modern military machinery given to them by the US plus the over 3 billion in other aid given them every year.

    1. Where would Hamas get more arms? Oh that’s right, from the weapons left in Afghanistan and trafficked out of Ukraine. How “convenient.” Totally not done on purpose.

    1. Just like we know that cops are racist, or that if you criticize BLM you are racist, or that if you question the modern State of Israel you are an “anti-semite”.. Hey, Paul, do you know what the term “Semite” encompasses?

  1. William George Norris

    Kudos to the Democrats on this one! If it was up to Israel they WOULD Genocide the Palestinians. Let us never forget that Apostate Talmudic Judaism refers to all Non Jews as Goyim, which means “Soulless beast.”

    In fact let’s hear it right from the source’s mouth.

    “The Talmud states that…two contrary types of souls exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from the Satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.. . Rabbi Kook, the Elder [chief rabbi of Palestine in the 1920s”, the revered father of the messianic tendency of Jewish fundamentalism said, ‘The difference between a Jewish soul and the souls of non-Jews… is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.’ Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky’s “Jewish Fundamentalism In Israel”

    1. That was OVER 100 years ago. Turn off npr and listen to the modern muslim rhetoric – it sounds exactly like that, only its happening NOW.
      Muslims are enslaving people TODAY.

    2. Mr. Norris, “Goyim” is biblical Hebrew and simply means “nations” or “gentiles.” It’s not inherently derogatory. The allegation that it means “soulless beast” is typical antisemitic, anti-Jewish slander.

      Likewise, I’m no fan of Jewish fundamentalism, but I doubt the quotation of R. Kook is any more accurate than your explanation of “Goyim.”

      1. William George Norris

        Russ what about the Babylonian Talmud, that says that the Virgin Mary was impregnated by a Roman Soldier named Pentera and that Jesus is in hell burning in excrement. Do you not believe this also?

  2. I rarely agree with anything that comes from the “democommies “ however this time they have moral high ground over reactionary “neo-cons”. And con us they do! Fighting forever wars does not serve American interests and listening to delusional evangelicals about “the chosen” excludes all other humanity and allows for the genocide taking place in Gaza today. Unfortunately that paid gaggle of prostitutes known as Congress will undoubtedly side with the murderers.

      1. One doesn’t have to be a democRAT or a republiCANT to stand for God given human rights and self determination for all humanity. How about focusing on our own dire situation here where both parties are owned by the same donors and act accordingly. How guilty are your children that America oppresses other countries around the world? Tear yourself from CNN or Fox network and read the true history of Palestine, WW2 and who owns the media. Hint it’s not Palestinians or Arabs!!

      2. Yep. Pretty casual I would say. Actually, it would seem to me that Norteno actually has a functioning brain. He is able to see and understand neo-conservatism – something very few people on this blog seem to have the intellectual capacity to do – at least judging by the preponderance of the comments.
        Norteno – I fear that those who have not figured out neo-conservatism by now are just never going to do so. They will never know what hit them – or maybe even that they have been hit.

  3. For anyone contemplating supporting the Hamas neo Nazis, I highly recommend a visit to El Paso’ Holocaust Museum.

    1. William George Norris

      Paul, even if the Holocaust happened, and it for the record it didn’t. Does one genocide justify another? Gaza is an open air prison and here the facts that prove it.

      In 2005, Israel removed its settlements from Gaza, resettling the inhabitants in Israel and the West Bank (where today over 620,000 Israelis live illegally on Palestinian land), but continued to control all exits and entrances, its air space, and its seaports. In effect, Gaza became an open-air prison for its approximately 2.1 million inhabitants (75% of whom are from families expelled from their land by Israel in its founding war to create a Jewish state).

      In 2006, in what was universally hailed as a free, democratic election, Palestinians elected members of Hamas, a Palestinian political party with a militant wing, to a majority of the seats in the Palestinian legislature. A unity government of Hamas and the former ruling party, Fatah, was formed.

      Israel was not happy with this result and has worked ever since to undermine it. Western powers declared a boycott of the Palestinian Authority as long as Hamas was included in the government. In 2007, this pressure caused the government to splinter, with Hamas in charge in Gaza, and Fatah in control in the West Bank.

      Israel then instituted a strangling blockade of Gaza (expanding its earlier blockades), which has remained in place ever since. Israel consistently blocks the food, medicine, and other essential supplies needed by the population of Gaza, and has created a humanitarian disaster:

      Unemployment levels in Gaza are amongst the highest in the world: the Q1 jobless rate in 2022 was 46.6%, compared with an average of 34.8% in 2006. Youth unemployment for the same period (age 15-29) stands at 62.5%. (PCBS)
      90 percent lack direct access to safe drinking water.
      Over half of pregnant women and over half of children aged 6–23 months are anemic.
      Due to Israeli bombings, many schools in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed; remaining schools often operate on double or triple shifts to accommodate children whose schools are closed, resulting in severely shortened instructional time.
      Only 3 percent of Gaza’s water aquifer is fit for human consumption.

      Population below poverty line: 81.5%

      In 2021, Israel rejected, delayed, or ignored 36 percent of over 15,000 patients’ requests for permits to exit Gaza for medical care. Here is one example of this situation.

    2. Nobody supports Hamas. In fact Israel funded Hamas to compete against Arafat. The issue is the citizens in Gaza who were born there with no options.

  4. How about calling for a pause from Hamas terror attacks? Or call on both sides? Instead the socialists make it about Isreal; this is the subtle socialist word game – if you can’t hear them blaming Isreal in this alleged call for peace, you’re deaf and brainwashed.
    The socialists will stop at nothing, do anything, to weaken America and her allies.

    1. The son of the hamas leader is tell Israel to end hamas because they are evil and will not stop. I think we should listen to someone who has come from that situation and was raised in it. They know better than anyone who was never raised to be a terrorist.

    2. Name 1 thing our so-called ally has done for the United States. They’ve bribed and blackmailed our congressmen, but they haven’t done a single thing for the U.S. or its people. Yet we give them our young men to die for their border.

      1. Well, JT, off the top of my head I can only think of one thing. There was that old tub that was ready for mothballs and our Israeli allies did us the favor of attacking it and trying to sink it. What was that boat? Oh yeah…the Liberty.

  5. Pause meaning to stop and delay? It’s too late for that. Would only give either side to regroup and reload. When is the end of pause.. a set time on a certain day…and then they go at it again.
    Ridiculous! Call for peace, not pause.

  6. No pause, they had time to leave, they stayed, they supported the war criminals that behead babies. NO PAUSE. Marxist NM officials are worthless as human beings, they want the schools to cut off sex organs of our children without parents permission and make killing babies legal in NM. Do they think they have the moral right to say “pause”? They do not, their words are meaning less. They do not even think they work for New Mexicans. Heck my rep Slick Wille Madrid told me to my face he does not work for me, an elected official does not work for the people of NM WTH.

  7. Israel should act without hesitation or remorse to destroy the monsters who slaughter children in the name of God.

  8. That Waskally Wabbit Leger Fernandez has less brains than Deb Haaland, and that says a lot! Stansbury and Sanchez are WEF and Soros useful tools and Marxists. And Heineylick is just a salary and oxygen thief of no use.

  9. The only good terrorist, is a dead terrorist – let Israel wipe out all of these cockroaches. The citizens of Gaza were foolish enough to elect and follow HAMAS – they have to live (or die) with their choices. Similar to what we are dealing with here electing Dimocrats that are destroying our country from within.

    1. Well let’s hope you don’t face the same merciless judgement for being foolish enough to “elect Joe Biden” as a citizen of the U.S. Since apparently all citizens need to be held accountable for their “elected” leaders. Since you believe all elections represent the citizens so accurately..

  10. There is no “Palestine”! “Palestine” is a bunch of squatters and a front for Hamas! Read some REAL information besides propaganda from Hamas/”Palestine”! I know this is NM AKA New Mexicrat but if you’re old enough to use a computer, you’re old enough to read more than one point of view.
    Gaza/”Palestine” = Hamas
    Hezbollah = Hamas’s big brother
    Iran = their daddy
    Don’t mess with daddy or the kids!

  11. There never has been a Palestine, Israel is a Jewish nation that is constantly attacked by these terrorist monsters! They have every right and a duty to protect their nation. When we are attacked by these monsters, (which will happen), their words will come back to haunt them. God will protect Israel, and America better be on the right side of this. What happened to the innocent civilians of Israel on Oct 7 should never be forgotten, and should be a rallying call to end these terrorist monsters forever!! God bless Israel🙏🙏

  12. If any entity would start inadvertently bombing the United States alot of the antisemitic writers would be saying poor people. I don’t think so. Hammas is made primarily of palisinian people. I’m sorry for the innocent people who continue arm and man this terrorist group and have to suffer the consequences for it. The only solution to fix the Gaza, Israel problem is for Hammas to be totally destroyed. For those people who deny the Holocaust I’m sure that Hitler will be there to greet you All in Hell when you get there

    1. Being anti-Netanyahu isn’t antisemitic. In fact the majority of people in Israel were trying to get Netanyahu OUT just before this convenient “attack” saved his career. Americans need to stop treating wars and bombings like it’s a football game. God have mercy on us for ignoring the people in Gaza born into a prison camp and thinking God loves land more than human beings.

    2. No! Say it ain’t so! Not the palisinians!
      Oh, my gosh Martha…and they all joined Hammas!
      Lawdy, me!
      Pack it in, Martha. If these folks’ brains were made of dynamite they would have trouble blowin’ their noses.

  13. Netanyahu false flag attack. There is no such thing as a “surprise” attack. Israel is the most fortified border on the planet. And somehow they had time to penetrate the wall, walk around without being shot, take hostages, and walk right back without any IDF???? Netanyahu let them in.

    1. That was the first thing that occurred to me the first time I saw the report. It was a gut feeling like the one I had when I first watched one of the towers come down in a perfectly symmetrical collapse on 9/11.

  14. After reading through these posts I have a question. I would like for anyone willing to do so to define the word “Semite” including its etymology.

  15. Pallies are parasites that destroy everything they touch. When Israel is done with them I hope they continue their hunt for those who, with their words or actions, support these terrorists.

  16. These three, and their actions/inactions, brings to mind an old television show. The three in the show were Larry, Moe, and Curly, AKA The Three Stooges.

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