NM remains on lockdown while other Dem-run states fully reopen

Embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her advisors are still not ready to reopen New Mexico despite other Democrat-run states, such as California and New York are fully reopening.

The governor was absent from Wednesday’s COVID-19 briefing with New Mexico Human Services Secretary Dr. David Scrase and Health Secretary Dr. Tracie Collins. 

During the pandemic briefing, the two cabinet secretaries ran around in circles trying to justify why New Mexico was still locked down while all neightboring states had reopened. 

Scrase said in response to a question about the fully open state of Texas having the lowest seven-day positivity rating sinice the beginning of the pandemic, “I mentioned earlier, we have the highest social vulnerability index in America, poverty amongst older people, New Mexico is number one in America amongst all ages, we have a lot of social vulnerability.” 

“Since the very beginning we have used New Mexico data for cases, the modeling from Presbyterian that’s been essential. When making our decisions based on what we believe is really safest and best. There’s always going to be a state that’s more open and I can’t really speak to the accuracy of the data of Texas or I don’t believe that necessarily being reopen caused case rates to be low. We’re doing what’s best for New Mexicans, we’ve done that from day one, we’ll continue to do that, we think we’re doing the right thing.”

Matt Bieber, NMDOH Director of Communications characterized the state of the pandemic in a much more frantic way, claiming the unvaccinated people are contributing to deaths and “pain and suffering.” Bieber said, “The pandemic doesn’t end just because we’ve hit 60 percent. It’s a moment in where we feel it’s safe to open much of the economy and do away with many of the restrictions in place. But you know this is a deadly virus, it’s still out there, there’s still a lot of unvaccinated people unfortunately and it still has opportunities to spread and mutate, and cause pain and suffering and unfortunately death as well.”

Dr. Collins said, “We are diligently working to achieve that [60 percent vaccinated] goal and we can have more updates for you by the end of the week but we’re definitely working towards that.”

The Governor has been bribing New Mexicans with $100 each, including children, to take the virus inoculation, along with $10 million in lottery prizes for those who have taken the jab. None of the three jabs available, Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson, have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

9 thoughts on “NM remains on lockdown while other Dem-run states fully reopen”

  1. Jason Vaillancourt

    Exhausting…and why are we “the most socially vulnerable” state? The policies that have run our state for 90 years, possibly? #WrongWaySantaFe #GovtInsanity #NotMyNM #FireThemAll #LiveFree

  2. This tyrannical dictator does not know what her real job is. To her it means “control over the people,” when it is reallly representing the people as the governor. What she is doing is ignoring science while saying “science is on my side” andf keeping the people locked down. All the suicides, and businesses that have gone out of existence during this “reign of terror” need to be held accountable to her and her only.

  3. Outlaw Preacher

    People are only locked down if they choose to be. When the people wake up and stand up the lock downs will end.

  4. I notice that back in 2020 lockdown the Governors office was all over comparing our state to other states, mostly Arizona. Now the tables are turned and they keep repeating “we are not like other states”.

  5. The People have a responsibility and duty to enforce our dictator to obey to the mandates of her oath to office or step down and be removed by the Sheriff. The People must be behind their Sheriff and demand them to do their duty authorized by the Constitution. 2022 is far far away and a lot of damage can be done between now and then.

  6. According to Matt Bieber – Director of Communication, only in New Mexico will the virus….”mutate, and cause pain and suffering and unfortunately death as well.” I did not know he was a scientist.

    Not only that, he’s bullying those who have not been vaccinated by accusing them of spreading the virus, “claiming the unvaccinated people are contributing to deaths and “pain and suffering.”

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about and should be fired.

  7. I heard unvaccinated kids still need to wear masks in 100 degree outdoor heat? This isn’t science. This is tyranny.

    We’re one of 2-3 states still on lockdown

    And they say they’re doing it for our best interest? What they did was good enough for 13th worst in deaths per capita. These harsh lockdowns killed more people per capita than 37 other states. They need to look at other states and own up to their mismanagement.

  8. Worked for DOH when “she” was secretary of department. She was so incompetent the Bill Richardson had to ask her to leave. Only because of her uncle Ben senior did she not get fired.

  9. She was voted in by our blue voters majority and feels invincible. The power she wields was bestowed upon by our blue legislature allowing her to rule rather than lead, arrogantly ignoring her conservative constituents.

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