NM med student brags about helping mutilate 16 people during ‘#Pride month’

A New Mexico osteopathic medical student at the Burrell College of Medicine in Las Cruces, Ryan Keller, took to social media to brag about his third year of plastic surgery school where he says he and other students “performed 16 top surgeries during #Pride month,” saying it “is something I’ll never forget.” 

Keller added, “Proud of healthcare in New Mexico and proud of my new suturing (stitching) skills,” sharing pictures of the location he assists with, where body mutilation occurs. 

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, so-called “top surgery” “is surgery that removes or augments breast tissue and reshapes the nipples and chest to create a more masculine or feminine appearance.” This may include a double mastectomy for women to remove their breasts or surgically implanting silicone implants for men.

Apparently, from Keller’s bio, he is studying pediatrics-physical medicine, and rehabilitation, meaning he is potentially training to perform these “gender-affirming” plastic surgery procedures on children. 

In previous posts, Keller has touted lectures held at Burrell College, such as “Trans and Nonbinary People in Care, Special Considerations.” 

Burrell College of Medicine Campus in Las Cruces. Mac2678, Wiki Commons

He wrote of these body mutilation lectures, “Pretty proud of these initiatives and those who have helped us put them on. #LGBTQIA health education belongs in #MedEd everywhere. Thank you to these advocates and leaders for sharing your invaluable insights. We need you now and always!” 

These types of body mutilation described by Keller are supported by New Mexico legislators, who have in recent years passed measures, such as 2023’s H.B. 207 amending the Human Rights Act that states that public bodies, including schools, “cannot discriminate against a person based on a wide variety of personal characteristics. Gender identity and gender are among those factors, gender being added in several places in this bill,” per the legislation’s fiscal impact report.

Also in 2023, Democrats rammed through H.B. 7, which prohibits “public bodies from discriminating against persons based on their use or non-use of reproductive or gender-affirming care,” which can also extend to these public bodies facilitating and referring prospective patients for these body-mutilating procedures. 

The 2023 budget (H.B. 2) under the Higher Education Department (HED) included a $1,000,000 line-item “[f]or the Burrell [C]ollege of [O]steopathic [M]edicine for outreach, minority student services, and to assist with enhancing and expanding graduate medical education programs. For expenditure in fiscal years 2023 through 2026.”  Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s HED touted this spending.

Therefore, public money is directly contributing to the mutilation of people in New Mexico through its sponsorship of the school, which purportedly trains medical professionals in so-called “gender-affirming care.”  

Since the publishing of this article, Keller has attempted to wipe evidence of the so-called “gender-affirming care” by making his X account private:


19 thoughts on “NM med student brags about helping mutilate 16 people during ‘#Pride month’”

    1. He is a student. He does not have a “job” yet. Unfortunately, in a few years he will be released upon the public. Hopefully, by that time, society will have become shocked back to some sense of decency and this sort of barbarity will be criminalized, as well it should be. I’ll not hold my breath.

  1. WTF!? When these kids reach adulthood, and they realize the consequences of their mutilations, I hope they all SUE THE HELL out of these groomers and pedos and fake ‘medical providers’. I am a ‘homosexual’ and thank God such ghouls did not exist when I was a kid.

  2. Andrew Still, D.O.

    I am an osteopathic physician – an old-timer. There was a time when we were very proud of our little profession. This story sickens me. I am so sorry to see this sort of thing among DOs. But it was probably inevitable given the changes that have occurred in the medical profession, both MD and DO, over the last 40-50 years and New Mexico has been hit very hard.

    For someone trained in my era in an osteopathic medical school it is nearly inconceivable to imagine how twisted the curriculum must have become in these modern schools in order to allow medical students to somehow come away with the impression that this sort of thing is somehow acceptable, much less “good”.

    I did notice, forty years ago, that all sorts of disciplines apart from medicine were making inroads onto medical faculties – social work, psychology, education – and that they were introducing what today we would call “woke” ideas.

    New Mexico was unique in that it used to have a separate board for MDs and DOs. Very recently the osteopathic board was terminated and DOs are now subject to the New Mexico Medical Board. This will prove to be unfortunate for the state.

    I am thankful to have retired before a lot of this nonsense, including the scamdemic, took hold. For what it is worth, I apologize to the public for what medicine, and particularly osteopathic medicine, has become.

    1. Thank you for your post. I grew up under a wonderful DO who knew so much about medicine, nutrition, & life. Seems good science is gone.

      1. Andrew Still, D.O.

        Thank you, Ma’am. That is very kind of you. Not only is good science on the ropes, but common sense and good morals have nearly vanished as well. This story makes me mourn for the osteopathic profession.

      2. I am a DO as well. I don’t know if you grew up in New Mexico. If so it is likely I knew the doctor you are speaking of. There were very few of us in New Mexico until fairly recently. We all knew each other. This sort of thing would not even have gotten off the ground in my time.

  3. Glad to hear the docs speak out. Leftist ideology and medicine would seem to be bad bedfellows; gender bending and bogus injections have ruined trust where it is needed the most

  4. This is a sick procedure paid for by taxpayers. Everything sick and illegal is done by democrats and paid by taxpayers. We don’t have a bay to dump tea but I think it is time for a taxpayer revolution.

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