NM bill would criminalize multiple firearms and components

On Monday, state Rep. Tara Lujan (D-Santa Fe) filed House Bill 166, which would criminalize the ownership and manufacture of multiple types of guns. 

The legislation would add to the New Mexico Criminal Code language making it a felony for anyone to manufacture, “produce or otherwise assemble” a firearm “unless that person is a federally licensed gun dealer or manufacturer” and anyone who possesses, sells, transfers, or purchases such a firearm would be made a felon as well. 

It would also make anyone who uses a three-dimensional printer or similar device to “manufacture or produce a firearm or firearm component unless that person is a federally licensed gun dealer or manufacturer.” All sales, transfers, and purchases of such a device would also be subject to a felony. 

Even the dissemination or creation of digital instructions on how to manufacture a 3D-printed firearm component would be a felony. As well, the bill criminalizes any sale or manufacture of “covert” firearms made from a “kit, a firearm frame or receiver that is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed gun manufacturer unless that person is a federally licensed gun dealer or manufacturer.” 

The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association has already voiced its opposition to the bill. The organization released the following statement: 

In just-filed 2021 HB166, Representative Lujan from Santa Fe wants to make it a felony in New Mexico to manufacture or possess a firearm made from an unfinished receiver, a firearm made at home in any fashion, or a firearm that includes any components manufactured on a 3D printer not owned by a FFL. This would include firearms made from an 80% lower receiver.

If you already own such a firearm, this bill would make you a felon for doing so. If any component of any firearm you own was manufactured on a 3D printer, this bill would make you a felon. The bill would even make it a felony to provide code for making a firearm component on a 3D printer to anyone in New Mexico.

We are opposed to this legislation and will keep you updated on its progress.

The bill has been referred to the New Mexico House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee (HCPAC) for consideration. Those who would like to reach out to their representative to ask them to oppose the measure can find them here. HCPAC members can be contacted here.


3 thoughts on “NM bill would criminalize multiple firearms and components”

  1. I am guessing that the premise for this law is under the guise of saving lives, of course this is being pushed from the same people that advocate for the taking of life via abortion.

  2. Its one thing to make owning 80 percent lowers a felony when its more reasonable to allow owners to match their factory slide and frame serial to their frame and run a new 4473 on it from a new dealer or original dealer they purchased the factory firearm from!

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