Newly sworn-in NM rep. stands up for life in the womb

New Mexico Rep. T. Ryan Lane (R-San Juan) is brand new to the New Mexico Legislature, but he’s already ruffling some feathers on the left by standing by his convictions and boldly supporting human life in the womb.

In a video message tweeted out by the New Mexico House Republicans, Rep. Lane told New Mexico why he stands for life.

Here’s what he said: 

“I represent and stand for life because I care about the future of our state. I care about our future citizens who will be teachers, doctors, engineers, farmers, small business owners, and so many other things. And that future will never become a reality because they are not given an opportunity for life. Life is precious and I love all of it. That’s why I stand for life.”

Watch Rep. Lane’s message below and follow him here

The Farmington lawmaker wrote on his Facebook in a caption to the video, “Who knew that standing for life could be so controversial? Welcome to the Brave New World.”

Rep. Lane’s message comes as radical Democrats in the Legislature are working hard to ram through an abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill that would strip away protections for babies in the womb, mothers, and health care providers. The Senate version of the bill passed through its last committee on Wednesday by a vote of 6-3 and it heads over to the Senate floor next.

Democrats claim they have the votes to pass the extreme bill after they mounted multiple primary challenges to pro-life Senate Democrats and other pro-life members mysteriously died or faced scandals, leading to their defeats.

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