New pre-debate poll is great news for NM Republicans

A new internal poll from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Nella Domenici’s campaign shows New Mexico is very much in play in November, with Republicans barely trailing Democrats. The poll, which was taken before Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, is great news for Republicans, who have not won a statewide New Mexico race in a decade.

The poll, reported by the National Journal, shows Domenici’s 42.2% barely trailing Heinrich’s 45.5% by 3.3%, while 9.7% remain undecided. 

“In the presidential race, Joe Biden led Donald Trump in a theoretical head-to-head election in New Mexico, 49%-47%,” wrote the National Journal’s Zac Weisz.

Weisz noted that “this poll was taken before the debate (June 19-24). The poll includes 600 likely voters, and the margin of error was +/-4.0%” 

A previous poll showed Domenici trailing Heinrich by single digits, validating that New Mexico is very much in play in 2024, with Democrats having a steep climb in the Land of Enchantment to cling to power. 

Following the presidential debate, an “eye-popping” poll from CBS News/YouGov revealed that only 27% of respondents believed that Biden “possesses the necessary mental strength needed for the grueling duties of the commander-in-chief, marking a drop in the finding from just over two weeks ago (35% ‘does,’ to 65% ‘does not’),” as reported by the New York Post.

Democrats across the board have widely condemned Biden’s performance during the debate, with many, including the leftist New York Times, calling for his replacement on the ticket. The Biden White House has pushed back on the reports, affirming that the 81-year-old Democrat will remain on the Democrat Party’s presidential ticket in November.


5 thoughts on “New pre-debate poll is great news for NM Republicans”

  1. Willaim Roy Puckett

    I am please but cautious hearing this good news!
    On the looming anniversary of my beautiful USA and then my enchanted state of New Mexico, I want to see from wokeness to a great awakening!
    I want to see from pity and shameful treatment of the person as the President to honor, respect and truthfulness from the office of the President of the United States of America!
    I would like to see reverence and humility to our Creator return to America!
    God Bless the USA!

  2. We have the most unqualified, incompetent Congressional delegation of ANY state. Truly sad that a “vegetable” with a “D” by its name could get elected here in NM. No coincidence we also have the worst educational system in the country…

  3. I agree with the eloquent words Mr. Puckett. I also would like to see that News Media and Journalists become honorable in seeking the truth not for their personal agendas and gain but for their Country and the men and women who serve and who died defending the Constitution. The truth asks for nothing but to be known in order to teach what it is.

  4. It really irks me when people keep saying “democracy, democracy” and yet we are a REPUBLIC, supposed to be “the will of the people” but the “people” seem to have blinders on and do not know the difference from right and wrong. And each day our “republic” and our freedoms (US Constitution) are being trampled on by the far left idiots that are working hard to take down America. So much evilness abound in this country and in our state,New Mexico. We need to vote out these fools, MLG and her comrades need to go. Why MLG got re-elected for another term is beyond my comprehension! Although the oppressed seem to always vote in their oppressors.
    I will keep praying for the Lord to help us purge out the evil and become a nation God intended it to be.

  5. What worries me is that no matter how many Republicans vote in November, the democRATS will adjust their high level of fraud accordingly so that they can steal another election. Nobody in NM seems to be doing anything to prevent fraud from happening again. The dems in Santa Fe congress have killed every attempt put forth by our Republican representatives to prevent fraud. And the same goes for other states as well.

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