New Mexico unemployment claims just spiked

In the most recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor, it was revealed that initial filings for unemployment benefits in New Mexico experienced an increase during the week ending November 25 compared to the previous week. The data, considered a key indicator of job market dynamics, showed that new jobless claims in the state rose to 743, marking a notable uptick from the 586 claims recorded in the preceding week.

On a national scale, U.S. unemployment claims also registered an increase, reaching 218,000 in the same week. This marked a rise of 7,000 claims from the previous week, which had reported 211,000 claims. The figures are seasonally adjusted to account for variations in employment patterns that occur regularly throughout the year.

Notably, the state of Kansas stood out with the largest percentage increase in weekly claims, experiencing a significant surge of 91.0%. In contrast, Oregon saw a noteworthy decline in new claims, with a substantial 48.3% drop. These contrasting trends in different states highlight the dynamic and varied nature of the economic impact of the ongoing circumstances.

The reasons behind the increase in unemployment claims in New Mexico and other states are likely influenced by a range of factors, including shifts in local economic conditions, potential fluctuations in job availability, and broader macroeconomic trends. The data underscores the continued challenges and uncertainties facing the labor market as it navigates the complex landscape shaped by both the ongoing recovery efforts and the lingering effects of the recent global disruptions.

As policymakers and analysts assess these trends, the focus remains on supporting economic recovery measures and addressing the specific needs of communities facing heightened unemployment challenges. The evolving situation will be closely monitored for its implications on both regional and national economic recovery trajectories.


4 thoughts on “New Mexico unemployment claims just spiked”

  1. I love this statistics stuff… Not!

    Ok, so Albuquerque has lost a few long time businesses due to crime and other impacts related to crime. Where is that mention?

    Where is the covid mention? nothing??… hmmm. So many employers have not recovered from the senseless shutdowns.

    Many have exhausted their UI benefits and are simple living off of SNAP/TANF and other assistances. USDOL never mentions those folks because they have no real way to measure work age people who have exhausted benefits, or have not received unemployment benefits for some reason. The number of unemployed is much larger than what is reported here. This is always the case.

    And lastly this is the actual truth of the increase in the job sector that politicians are boasting about. There is no real increase is sustainable work for New Mexicans. Also, with our education rates of high school graduates, employers have no incentive to come to NM. What is coming is Tech which is not in need of people as AI is filling the need.

  2. Hard to believe with so many help wanted signs and business closing early or taking days off due to employee shortages.

  3. Merry Christmas from the Marxist midget! Wonder how her trip to Dubai (on taxpayer money) is going? Gotta get that Christmas shopping done!

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