New Mexico now has the worst unemployment rate in the nation

According to a new Bureau of Labor Statistics report released Friday, New Mexico is now tied with Connecticut for the highest unemployment rate in the nation at a stagnant 7.9%.

New Mexico follows other Democrat-run states, with Nevada at 7.8%, New York, Hawaii, California at 7.7% unemployment, and New Jersey at 7.3%. These numbers came from the end of June. 

New Mexico’s neighbor Colorado has a 6.2% unemployment rate, Texas has 6.5%, Arizona has 6.8%, and Utah has 2.7%. 

New Mexico still has many pandemic restrictions, including forced masking of children who have not taken the jab. For school sports and in classrooms, masks are still required.

New Mexico had the third-worst unemployment rate in April, and it has just become progressively worse, falling behind other states across the country.  

Now, New Mexico retakes the number one spot for “worst” in the nation under the leadership of scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who locked the state down for a year and a half and repeatedly broke her own pandemic rules.

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