National group to launch campaign hitting Vasquez over high gas prices

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is about to launch a campaign against far-left U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez of the Second Congressional District over his vote against lowering gas prices via American energy independence.

“The hybrid billboard and digital advertising campaign will appear in close proximity to gas stations in NM-02 and comes as the AAA average nears $4 a gallon,” wrote the group.

The billboard will look like this:

NRCC Vasquez Ad.

Vasquez and 20 other vulnerable House Dems will be in the line of fire for the vote that has kept gas prices high.

In June 2022, following Joe Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, exploitation of the United States’ strategic oil reserves, and reduction of land leases for drilling, among other policies, gas prices soared, hitting a high of $4.831 in New Mexico for regular unleaded gasoline while diesel jumped to $5.602.

“Rising gas prices are a fresh gut punch to millions of Americans already struggling under Bidenomics,” said NRCC Communications Director Jack Pandol. “Every trip to the pump is a reminder that extreme House Democrats put their radical war on American energy ahead of working families’ wallets.”

Vasquez faces a fierce race against GOP former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who has the support of Republican House leadership, including Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana and Speaker Kein McCarthy of California.


8 thoughts on “National group to launch campaign hitting Vasquez over high gas prices”

  1. Gabe is part of the Marxist democrat leadership. The sooner he is gone , the better NM will be. But because of NMSU and their communist Marxist professors and leadership, the LasCruses area will continue to be far lest. They want to mutilate your children and kill babies without parent consent. If u keep voting democrats this is the type of government you will have, total control government.

  2. We were independent before 2021. The corrupt and ungodly Democrats and satan worshiper MLG have been destroying NM. Vote them all out and that included any rhino republicans as well.

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