Moderate Moores walloped by socialist Stansbury in CD-1, teaches big lesson to GOP

On Tuesday, state Sen. Mark Moores (R-Bernalillo) lost decisively to socialist state Rep. Melanie Stansbury (R-Bernalillo) in the First District race to replace Deb Haaland after a lackluster campaign. Most news outlets reported the massive loss only about an hour after precincts closed.

Moores’ defeat proved that moderate Republicans chosen in a closed process by a couple of hundred people (instead of the entire electorate) cannot and will not win elections in New Mexico, at least with a limp message of supposed “bipartisanship” and the refusal even to utter “America First” or President Donald J. Trump’s name.

It also didn’t help that “insiders” (those who voted for Moores in the closed-door primary) knew full well that Moores voted for far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s job-crushing “Green New Deal” and devastating trapping ban bills but still lent their support to him in the convention.

Melanie Stansbury is a radical’s radical—one of the most extreme far-left members of the New Mexico state House imaginable. She has voted to the extreme left on every single issue, from environmental bills to education initiatives and abortion, she has been on the fringe. Her comments toward displaced Navajo workers telling them to just “sell your art or your wool” would have resonated with moderate voters who are not okay with racism, no matter how casual it may appear.

But Moores didn’t even touch on a single one of those key issues that directly impact New Mexicans. All he could talk about was Stansbury’s support for the “BREATHE Act,” which lets incarcerated criminals back on the street and defunds police. While he was 100% correct on this issue, he was a one-issue candidate with no substance other than that he supposedly “stands tall” for New Mexico while not showing anything to back up his hollow and over-used rhetoric.

The only time he mentioned Melanie Stansbury’s support for eco-Marxist proposals was when he sent emails to supporters (who are already on his side) telling them that Stansbury backs the Green New Deal, even though Moores voted for that very thing—complete hypocrisy.

It is a shame that the GOP convention delegates let the guy out of the primary, to begin with, and with 2022 on the horizon (and a REAL primary in the works), “moderate” Republicans in the state House should watch their backs because TRUE Republicans are coming for their seats. And no amount of darkroom dealings can stop the Red Wave from sweeping across the state and wiping every RINO “Republican In Name Only” clean out of the state’s lower chamber.

Moderate, weak, and spineless Republicans who will say whatever they think they need to win an election do not win elections and only make people who are forced to vote for them in general elections look like fools. RINOs bring ZERO excitement, ZERO trust, and ZERO electability to the table. Moores’ blowout loss was an irresponsible waste of an opportunity for a GOP pickup. Hopefully, it will be a lesson for New Mexico that moderates lose and keep voters home.

Even with the massive fraud in New Mexico elections, Republicans who can build momentum can overcome the fraud to win. Just look at people in extremely competitive districts like Republican state Rep. Stefani Lord. She had a tough election fight, but she did not sway in the wind like a Moores. She stuck to her pro-gun, pro-life, pro-Trump convictions. Despite the closeness of her race, she annihilated a well-funded Democrat who now sits as the Chair of the Democrat Party of New Mexico, Jessica Velasquez. And Rep. Lord did not swing to the “middle” when she got to the House. She stuck to her convictions and voted against radical bills, even if many of the limp “Republicans” voted along with the Democrats and admitted defeat.

Strong Republicans win elections (even in competitive districts) and RINOs lose. Take those words to the bank in 2022 and prepare for a Red Wave come next November. It’s time to clean the swamp.

Moores lost in the final vote numbers by 24 points, garnering 36% to Stansbury’s 60%, a larger margin of failure than 2020 for the Republicans in the District.


18 thoughts on “Moderate Moores walloped by socialist Stansbury in CD-1, teaches big lesson to GOP”

  1. It’s me again

    Yes I voted for Moore’s, knowing he was gonna loose. WTF is wrong with the republicans in this state?

    1. Debra Rae Steinman

      What’s wrong with the GOP in NM? They hate Conservative Candidates and do anything possible to destroy them to push Liberal RINO Elitist SCUM on #WeThePeople.

      I pray Trump is right, and this BS can be undone as he works to make the GOP once more … The Grand Ole Party it was meant to be (founded on the principles of our Founding Fathers).

  2. Dump Steve Pearce and his cabal. I’m a life-long Republican and the NM GOP is losing the war with him in charge.

  3. Whoever thought Moores would be a good candidate is an idiot and needs to go…Looking at you Mr. Pearce!

  4. What’s wrong with the Republican Party? Well John Block put it quite succinctly, in fact he Left nothing out. The problem also is that the party has become an exclusive club who’s only goal is to maintain their status quo as controlled opposition to the communists. That has not and will not help New Mexicans shake off the yoke of liberalism/communism ,that putrid festering sore that plagues New Mexico and keeps us dead last in every category that’s good.

  5. Outlaw Preacher

    Understand that Marxists and elites exist in both parties. Until the fraud is fixed and the GOP is cleaned of all these moderate fools nothing will change.

    1. Listening to him on the radio, he didn’t sound very moderate. Not that being truly moderate (in favor of doing the right thing, not playing for political favor). His biggest problem was that all he did was point to Stansbury and scream RADICAL. He didn’t actually bring much to the table. We always hear about what Republicans running for office don’t want, but very little about what they actually want to do. And frankly the ones who have won races here have also been pretty corrupt eg. Mayor Barry who was a sorry piece of trash.
      The only one i thought had any chance at all over the last few years was Ronchetti. I hope he runs again.

      1. Meg,
        You’re absolutely correct. Republicans need an agenda to run on. Last year the NM-GOP backed this “Respect” campaign which went nowhere. They had this weak message but spent a ton of money and then we lost 3 state senate seats in Albuquerque. What is that agenda? Trust us? Our current beef with MLG and the loss of Moores who had no message are just more of the problem. We don’t like what MLG is doing but we haven’t put together an agenda that says – Hey, this program: A, B, C, D, is what will help NM. But what are those items? Brainpower needed.

  6. I sent this to RNC Bernalillio this morning – not anticipating a reply —-Based on last night’s fantastic results, maybe you should reconsider your decision to turn down Scott Pressler’s offer to come to ABQ and fire up the base and reach out millennials.

    How we could not be a severely flawed Dem opponent is beyond me!

    1. Absolutely, as a millennial I think you are right. I think we need candidates that reflect what conservatives value rather than padding their pockets. We need to drain our own swamp first.

  7. The Faithful New Mexican

    Those of you blaming Pearce obviously have no idea how things work. He wasn’t part of the group that selected Moores. You all need to get involved to change the party, otherwise STFU. Look squarely at Bernalillo County GOP leadership. Julie Wright is the RINO you speak of who wants nothing but control and power but has little talent and even less success. GET HER OUT.

  8. Perhaps it is time for all the people who criticize the republican party to get involved in their county party. Don’t just complain, get involved! It’s “we the people”, not you the party….remember?

  9. Has anyone noticed that it’s “moderate” Republicans and never-Trumpers who talk about “division within the party?” There’s no room for moderates anymore in this political fight for freedom! The left is killing our liberty-loving country with their entire arsenal; big tech, media, Hollywood, pharma, and China!!! For goodness sake, do moderates really believe we can get along with the left when it comes to policy and the direction of our country?!? Even if you’re not a Christian, listen to theologian Albert Mohler’s podcasts, “The Briefing,” and “Thinking In Public.” You’l see what this culture war is coming down to. Folks, we have to stop fooling around! The left calls us cultists because we gravitate toward one of the few leaders who gave people like me a voice in the town square and allowed us to have a vision of a strong, moral, and independent country. Kick it in gear people and get those squishy politicians out of there! I would run myself but I probably have too much baggage from my younger days…

    1. Run anyway! People voted in a gay ex porn star. You have the fire and understand what NM needs! Or else Grincham and her cult will win again.

  10. The NM Republican Party does not represent conservatives here, They run from Trump policies that brought us back from Obama era fiasco. They’re void of new ideas. Let’s not be fooled again, we must fight for representation.

  11. Absolutely, as a millennial I think you are right. I think we need candidates that reflect what conservatives value rather than padding their pockets. We need to drain our own swamp first.

  12. My polling location on Coors had dominion machines connected to the internet- this was confirmed by the manager. We need a Full Forensic Audit fo 2020 and this election. One Citizen One vote.

    The prior election I asked how they verify citizenship and the polling person would not give me a ballot, I had to have the manager give me one and who stated the person who would not give me a ballot did not know the answer.

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