MLG’s school reopening plan: all students and school personnel required to wear face coverings

According to new guidelines from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), the new K-12 school year will begin in hybrid form with in-person attendance limited to 50% of classroom capacity.

All students and staff will be required to wear face masks or shields. “Face coverings are required for all students and staff except while eating, drinking and exercising, with limited exceptions for students or staff who have medical reasons for not being able to wear a mask or face shield,” says the report. 

The report does not say what penalties schools should carry out for those in violation of the mask rule, or specify whether the schools will provide masks or face shields to students, although it does specify that the schools will provide them, as well as “other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)”  to staff. Bus drivers and bus attendants will be provided masks by the schools.

As well, the guidelines detail that “All staff must be screened on a daily basis, including a temperature check and review of potential symptoms. All sites must work with state and local health officials to have a plan for contact tracing. While not required, this is also recommended for students.” The schools will be required to report statistics to the state 

Regarding food, the guidelines require schools to provide meals to students during in-person instruction and remote learning, which suggests schools will have to resume delivery systems to students learning off-site. 

According to the guidance documents provided by PED, reopening schools at half capacity “will allow the state to collect and analyze data on the impact of a controlled start on the spread of the virus.”


2 thoughts on “MLG’s school reopening plan: all students and school personnel required to wear face coverings”

  1. Speak up now, or forever hold your peace.
    Go to we cant breathe and learn the facts about masks. Go to Peggy’s website healthy american and continue to learn.
    This is completely unlawful and illegal.

  2. We will never see kids in school this Fall. The first kid that has an illness and total hysteria will ensue. If you want your kids to get any kind of education–not that public schools in NM were delivering a whole lot before the present Insanity–you will have to look to another state, or perhaps religious school, even if that school is not of your religious tenets. Not enough people have spoken up about this “War On Kids!” that has been taking place over the last several months.

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