MLG’s dreams of becoming vice president have vanished

After weeks of speculation that New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was reportedly being considered to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democrat ticket for president, it appears her dreams of the longshot nomination have been completely shattered.

According to a new CNN report, Biden has winnowed down his list to four possible contenders, and Lujan Grisham is not on it. According to the report, “CNN spoke to more than a dozen people close to the Biden search process who believe that four of the leading prospects are Sen. Kamala Harris of California, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Rep. Val Demings of Florida and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.” 

Joe Biden has already disclosed that he will pick a woman as a running mate, but the only question now is whether that running mate will be a woman of color or not, especially given certain recent developments where race riots have begun across the country. 

A close ally of the Joe Biden campaign, Rep. James Clyburn, told CNN, “The whole way that (issues of race) have come to fro is having a real, serious impact on the search,” adding, “You can do a search in order to check a box or you can do a search to get a running mate. I think this search is going to be genuine about getting a running mate rather than checking a box.”


6 thoughts on “MLG’s dreams of becoming vice president have vanished”

      1. Your hopes she would resign to be VP were misplaced. Whoever is chosen as VP will, no doubt, be our next President. Joe Biden is 78. He is already showing signs of a failing brain. I believe the left wants him to have a shot at President but their real goal is to put one of the VP contenders as the true President. We will have a Progressive in place. It could have been Kim Jung Lujan. I am glad it will not be. She is crazed by her power as a governor. Can you imagine her as President?

        1. I too was hopeful she would be selected and would resign. Then when Biden lost this November, we could be rid of both the senile Biden, and the dictator MLG…Oh well, there goes my birthday wish.

        2. I live in New Mexico. Grisham is seriously the most evil person I have ever come across personally. I know whoever runs with Biden will be someone similar. But if Grisham is out, consider it a near miss with a mac truck!

  1. Even if “Wuhan” Lujan had been chosen as Biden’s VP running mate, she would not have to resign unless Biden defeated Trump. If the Biden/Lujan-Grisham ticket lost, she would simply continue serving out her first (and hopefully last) term as governor.

    Case in point is U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia who was Hillary’s VP running mate in 2016. The Clinton/Kaine ticket was defeated by Trump/Pence, and Kaine continued serving as a U.S. senator.

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