MLG’s alleged groping victim breaks silence, rips her for headline ‘grab’

On Friday, James Hallinan, who Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham paid off $150,000 in her campaign donors’ funds to keep silent about claims she groped him, broke his silence on Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Hallinan shared a photo of the Albuquerque Journal front page which read, “Teacher for a Day” about the Governor’s latest publicity stunt to fill in as a substitute teacher as she ships National Guard personnel to New Mexico classrooms to fill vacancies.

He wrote, “Oh my, what a horrible & foolish tweet… so MLG didn’t do it to help kids, educators, & parents to battle COVID? Appears you admitted it was all a press stunt to grab those ‘front pages’ you all ‘love.’”

He tagged Lujan Grisham’s campaign account, the Democratic Governors Association, the National Educators Association’s public relations arm, as well as the Republican Governor’s Association.

According to his account, Lujan Grisham poured a bottle of water over Hallinan’s crotch at a party and then groped his penis through his pants. The alleged groping Governor has not faced criminal prosecution for her reported assault on Hallinan and is still allowed to teach elementary school kids in the classroom.


4 thoughts on “MLG’s alleged groping victim breaks silence, rips her for headline ‘grab’”

    1. Did you see when she was outed for spending public money on luxury groceries…top shelf booze and wagyu beef? I think it was KOB that posted the printed the receipt showing the line items. She claimed that it was for “a future celebration for her staff, at the end of covid.” Yeah, right lady. If you want an honest opinion on your question….yep. I’ve been in recovery for several years and can pick birds of a feather out pretty well. The fact that her body size has doubled since she was elected and her face is always puffy and mottled tells me that we taxpayers funded one hell of quarantine party for her and Manny and that it’s her lifestyle, not just a one-time thing. It goes back way farther than that. Her father was friends with Bruce King and she spent a lot of time at that ranch as a teen. Depending on if you believe them or not, people who worked that ranch will tell you that she wasn’t exactly a good Catholic schoolgirl. Bruce King sold Epstein the Zorro ranch property. Which, she went to parties at when she was under Richardson. You cannot tell me that she didn’t see underage girls and the shenanigans there, since Virginia Giuffre named Richardson as one of the men she was forced to entertain at 16-17. Carnally inappropriate behavior and substance involvement is nothing new for her.

      1. Hey, give her a break, she’s just a product of her cultural background. And btw; that booze n stuff she got to buy for a party at the “end of covid: was a pretty smart maneuver, since the “end” of covid is both highly unlikely and even undefinable … well, if she consumes it by herself, who’ll ever even know?

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