MLG whines about rising NM crime despite signing anti-police bills, backing ‘defund the police’ groups

On Friday, KOB 4’s Tessa Mentus had an interview with scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, where the Governor complained about crime in New Mexico, especially in Albuquerque. She said the upcoming legislative session in 2022 will focus on crime.

“You want the safest community – that should be the standard in New Mexico. And in addition, Albuquerque and too many other communities in New Mexico are just not safe.”

She said to lawmakers regarding crime, “If you want a priority, make it a priority. And I expect all policymakers to be more engaged in public safety issues statewide. It’s not Albuquerque or… it’s not Santa Fe or…. We got to all do it together.” 

She added, “I’m open to any kind of legislative effort that makes a difference in the quality of lives (sic) for New Mexicans, and if that means making us safer, so be it.”

Mentus noted, “But we have seen legislative efforts before at our Roundhouse time and time again, and they go nowhere. Public safety bills get introduced, most of them by Republican lawmakers representing the metro, and they barely make it out of committee. Forget ever seeing them make it to the Governor’s desk.” 

When asking how this would be different to the Governor, in a commanding manner, the Governor said, “If I set that tone that this is what I expect, I get it.”

Lujan Grisham added, “I’ve got the votes, and I’ve got bipartisan support.” 

But if Lujan Grisham was focused on eliminating crime, she would not have been a staunch supporter of many anti-police bills proposed last legislative session, including H.B. 4, which put targets on peace officers’ backs by stripping them of qualified immunity and opening police departments and localities up to frivolous lawsuits — bankrupting them.

H.B. 4’s sponsors, Speaker Brain Egolf (D-Santa Fe) and state Rep. Georgene Louis (D-Bernalillo), just so happen to be “civil rights” attorneys who would directly profit off of their legislative proposals. Lujan Grisham signed the anti-police, anti-public safety bill anyway. 

Lujan Grisham’s allies in the Legislature, such as state Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo), sponsored the most extreme anti-police bills in the nation, including S.B. 227, which would have implemented the “strongest” anti-police “use of force” standard in the nation.

Now, Lujan Grisham, amid record-breaking homicide rates in Albuquerque and some New Mexico streets looking like warzones, is trying to save face despite her support for Black Lives Matter protesters who want to defund the police. 

And if public safety was such a priority for Lujan Grisham, she would call a special session like she did to implement recreational marijuana in New Mexico. 

3 thoughts on “MLG whines about rising NM crime despite signing anti-police bills, backing ‘defund the police’ groups”

  1. Really…has the democrap party ever going to realize how dumb they appear?..

    Example…it is the democraps who shut down our energy supply…which made us energy independent .
    So now the resident buffoon is begging OPEC to produce more energy…now relying on countries that hate us…

    So instead of having D after their name…they should have S…..for STUPID

  2. MLG is a psycho. Just look into her eyes, evil lives there. She does not care about New Mexico. She only cares about money and power. Sad but the idiot Dems of New Mexico will vote her back in as Governor. They like being under a communist regime.

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