WATCH: New ad mercilessly rips Gov. MLG to shreds for pandemic hypocrisy

On Monday, the Republican Governors Association released a hard-hitting new ad targeting Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for her hypocrisy during the pandemic. 

The ad, featuring local liberal news clips, highlights the Governor forcing New Mexicans to stand in freezing cold breadlines while she pampered herself in the Governor’s mansion, buying booze, Wagyu beef. The ad also went after her expensive shopping trip for jewelry at a shuttered Albuquerque jewelry store. Gov. Lujan Grisham also spent big taxpayer bucks on her dog, with $800 expenses to clean carpets and even purchase a new doggy door–all at New Mexicans’ expense.

At one point in the ad, a narrator says, “You stepped up and made hard sacrifices when asked, but what about Michelle Lujan Grisham?” 

The Governor is likely not going to take too kindly to the truth-filled ad, which directly calls her out for her pandemic hypocrisy of living the high life (off the taxpayers) while New Mexicans starve. 

“Families are in serious need, the state coffers are bare, and people have sacrificed their freedoms as the pandemic rolls on,” Will Reinert, a spokesman for the Republican Governors Association wrote in a statement. “However, nothing is stopping Lujan Grisham from using state funds to fuel her lavish lifestyle or from making exceptions to the rules for herself. Wagyu beef, Crown Royal, taxpayer money, lockdown carveouts, just add Governor Lujan Grisham, and you have a recipe for terrible leadership.”



13 thoughts on “WATCH: New ad mercilessly rips Gov. MLG to shreds for pandemic hypocrisy”

  1. I wish we could run her out of New Mexico!! She has destroyed my state, and she won’t stop until we all rebel and ignore her unconstitutional orders! Please New Mexicans wake up and open up! No more shutdowns, no more color charts, and no more damn masks!

    1. Agree with you 100%. We need to organize a huge rally in the Plaza in front of the web cam with signs of protest against her. There is no reason for this continued shutdown. You cannot control a virus – if this were truly lethal we would all be dead. Lujan is the virus.

  2. MLG is a disgrace, not only as a leader but also as a human being. 2024 can’t get here fast enough! Voters are going to overwhelmingly reject a second term for this tyrant.

  3. I am amazed at conservatives being surprised at the duplicitous and hypocritical behavior of liberals and progressives. Such behavior is what they are to the core. What should really surprise you is if they acted in some other way.

  4. Let’s not forget closed recreation areas, yet she spent Memorial Day and July 4th on her boyfriend’s boat at the lake. And the haircut-gate…And her having in person meetings at the governor’s mansion while everyone else including our Legislature is using zoom…And her out of State trips to Hawaii and DC without quarantining….Brown priviledge to the max.

  5. I’m pretty sure that Article VIII Section 4 of the New Mexico state constitution talks about misuse of public money. Anyone who misuses public money is “disqualified to hold public office”. Why don’t the Republicans pursue this. What she did is unconstitutional. It’s spelled out right there in that Article.

  6. Typical Lujan family way of doing things. Too bad this state is so backward, just a FYI New Mexico spends more tax money for education than New York and yet we are still the newspaper on the birdcage floor. Those poor parents and kinds in the Albuquerque school district what a sham. Wish to heaven above we could get honest legislators willing to run against the “familia”

  7. The Pygmy Pig Governor…… Just a Rotten Worthless Souless example of a human being. We need a Tall Tree and a Short Rope delivered to the governors shack ASAP!!

  8. It’s not the first time! I heard this guy’s story a few years ago. Eddie Dehart. Here is his video with his story.

    Perhaps another article should be written.

    She’s apparently a serial sexual abuser and she needs to resign!

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