MLG holds photo op at ABQ school to sign two anti-gun bills

On Monday, far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham had a photo op at Albuquerque’s West Mesa High School, where she signed two anti-gun bills and two crime-related bills.

“These four bills are an incredible effort to do more,” she said at the presser, per the Santa Fe New Mexican.

At the press conference, she was flanked by discredited anti-gun group “co-president” Miranda Viscoli of “New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence” and the sponsor of the extreme H.B. 129 anti-gun bill State Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe)

“All four bills become effective immediately, the governor said as she prepared to sign them,” the outlet reported, although the governor’s remark is inaccurate because these bills did not pass with an “emergency clause.” They will go into effect 90 days following the Legislature’s adjournment, which is in mid-May. 

Among the bills set to become law is House Bill 129, which forces through a mandatory seven-day waiting period for all gun purchases, with minor exceptions of law enforcement agencies and those who hold concealed carry permits. This is the most stringent anti-gun law passed this session, although it was significantly weakened from its original form.

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She will also sign Senate Bill 5 to make carrying a firearm within 100 feet of a polling station during active voting a misdemeanor. This rule comes with exceptions for law enforcement personnel on duty, legitimate business activities, individuals in their vehicles, and those possessing a concealed firearm, rendering the bill essentially meaningless.

Another bill she is set to sign is Senate Bill 96, which will toughen penalties related to violent crimes, escalating the punishment for attempted murder from a maximum of three years to nine years in prison. The bill also proposes to increase the sentence for second-degree murder from 15 to 18 years.

Finally, Senate Bill 271 introduces a new measure for repeat felony offenders, establishing an automatic no-bail hold for those who breach their release conditions by committing another felony, a minor fix to the state’s catastrophic 2016 ballot measure, which resulted in violent offenders to be released without bail pending trial. 

The governor wrote on X, formerly Twitter, following the event, “It’s time that we treat crime like the serious problem it is in New Mexico. That’s why today I signed four bills that will help make our state safer. Thank you to West Mesa High’s wonderful students for the warm welcome today!”

It is not uncommon for the governor to use children for political gain, especially to promote her extreme anti-gun agenda. 

Of the over a dozen extreme anti-gun bills proposed during the 2024 Legislative Session, these two measures were the only ones that passed — a huge defeat for the anti-gun governor who attempted to ban most firearms in the state after signing an illegal, unconstitutional executive order last year to snatch guns.


21 thoughts on “MLG holds photo op at ABQ school to sign two anti-gun bills”

  1. Failure to take needed action on the real gun violence problems and adding more anti gun nonsense only hurts the law abiding citizens!
    Get her out of the roundhouse and permanently ban her from holding ANY public office! I want to be deputized so I can be on the team that arrests, handcuff, and drag her ass out of the building!!

  2. In office since 2019 and she just now is trying to say we have a crime problem? And that making law abiding citizens wait an extra week in order to protect themselves from criminals will make it better? Geez I guess Juan Criminal is going to abide by this new law and wait a week before he goes and buys that handgun so he can kill someone

    1. She has “introduced” many “anti-crime” bills and her own party kills or tables the bills that would punish the criminal but they “push thru” the bills that punish the law abiding citizen. The Tiny TyRunt and her party are only interested in subverting and disarming the citizenry

  3. Well folks, we are in little California now. She has a poop patrol in Albuquerque. Santa Fe will be next.
    More people will be leaving in droves and the taxes here will be higher.

  4. She never disappoints. Too bad she didn’t sign the disgusting legislation at Volcano Vista High School. But I guess her security detail would have had to clear the area of swords…jk

    How sad for law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who have no representation.

  5. Crime is rampant in this state, so let’s punish law abiding citizens by disarming them. Yeah….that makes sense.

    1. New Mexico Republicans although outnumbered to the extreme, fought a good fight! It could have been worse! But The Lawn Gnome is trying to out Biden Biden as the most sorry excuse for a governor this state ever had. She bows at the alter of Soros and Klaus Schwab. Pitiful Marxist scum!

  6. Enforce the existing laws. Explain to the worthless judges how they a will be held accountable if they continue to be soft on the criminals. Crime would be reduced drastically. Making new laws is just theater when the existing laws are ignored.
    This worthless, self serving, narcissistic sociopathic hag can’t be gone soon enough.

  7. It is time that good people start ignoring these unconstitutional laws. Jury nullification and Sheriffs who refuse to arrest. The left ignores the laws; so shall we.

  8. The wicked 8itch of the worst. What I’m calling her isn’t nice but neither is she. Please stop voting for ignorant idiots like her.

  9. Dear Michelle,

    Congrats on passing two gun bills although we were hoping for more. A 7-day waiting period and carry restrictions around polling places does little to further our goal of US citizen disarmament. Need I remind you that we do not want a well armed militia numbering in the millions when it is time to activate the PLA and other heroic freedom fighters who have crossed into the US.

    We suggest you try harder to pass an assault weapons bans as was accomplished by Hair-Gel Newsom and Jabba the Priztker. Work hard and you may be able to join them at the big boy/girl table.


    Your CCP friends

    BTW: say hi to the Big Guy and Hunter.

  10. So sorry Michelle – all the real Dem states have assault weapon bans not a couple of weak bills that harass the public.

    Maybe EVs are more your game.

  11. Flaunting STUPIDITY does NOT prevent the thugs and riff-raff from running the streets and terrorizing the citizens of New Mexico.AND using children as props for ANOTHER failed action by the Moochie Loserjan Gruesome regime makes me sick! She will be remembered as one of the most useless, thieving, corrupt people in office!! The sooner she is arrested and dragged out of the roundhouse the better off New Mexico will be!!

  12. This is one of many reasons that my family left the state. Under the runts rein she has transformed the state from land of enchantment to land of entrapment. Free at last!

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