MLG continues anti-gun crusade, divulges gun grabs she wants passed

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held a press conference on Monday renewing her anti-gun public health order to snatch as many guns as possible from the law-abiding populous. The governor erroneously claimed her order was effective. 

Lujan Grisham highlighted more arrests in Bernalillo County since the implementation of the public health order, with nearly half of them being drug-related. The administration reported a hike in guns snatched, totaling 219, including 90 in November alone, with 13 confiscated from a single suspect. The governor applauded these efforts, stating that hundreds of guns had been taken off the streets.

Lujan Grisham revealed in the presser that 87 juveniles were detained for possible gun-related crimes. She used a tragic shooting at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School, where a 16-year-old lost his life just three days before the announcement, as cover for her anti-gun orders.

Lujan Grisham stressed the need for a crackdown on those selling guns to minors, advocating for measures to interrupt these transactions and hold perpetrators accountable. She also claimed the success of gun buyback events, where the public voluntarily surrendered hundreds of firearms.

“We can agree with the Governor, crime is out of control. It is certainly interesting that when you let law enforcement do their job, New Mexicans can see how out of control crime has become these past few years. Thank a law enforcement officer today for doing their job despite so many politicians being against them,” wrote House GOP Leader Ryan Lane in a statement.

Looking ahead, Lujan Grisham revealed her priorities for upcoming bills during the legislative session, which include trying to pass a New Mexico version of U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich’s extremist anti-gun bill that will ban most rifles.

“Let’s try that vehicle in our own assault weapons ban in New Mexico because one thing that I have that the senator doesn’t have is I’ve got a set of lawmakers that are more likely than not to have a fair debate about guns, gun violence, weapons of war and keeping New Mexicans safe than members of Congress are,” she said.

“I feel pretty good about our ability here,” Lujan Grisham added, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican. “We’ll have to see how those votes all shake out, but I think that that’s a game-changer for a lot of places, including New Mexico, so expect to see that on my call.”

She added that the “ courts don’t know where they are given the Second Amendment, and it gets really dicey, complicated, messy, so we just keep ignoring it…. Well, Senator Heinrich didn’t.”

The governor also wants to bring back changes to the state’s “red flag” law, among other anti-gun measures.


23 thoughts on “MLG continues anti-gun crusade, divulges gun grabs she wants passed”

  1. Now the Gov wants to ban assault weapons in NM and the only people here who lawfully own them possess a special license from the Feds since assault weapons are full auto. Anyone else with one doesn’t care about any of the laws or her moronic “public safety” order, so only law-abiding people will fall prey to a ban.
    Juveniles seem to be a major part of the problem with guns yet the Gov and the Dems of our Legislature refuse consider changing the penalties for juveniles. Declaring a juvy shooter a delinquent, some short term incarceration, and probation sometimes occur, but mostly (I have 14 years of involvement in the NM Juvenile Justice System) involve a slap on the wrist, being told “keep it up and you will grow up to be a bad person”, and unsupervised probation. As long as they are not afraid of the punishment, there is no incentive to change, and adults can talk to the types of kids involved in crime all they want a positive response and change of behavior is very unlikely.

  2. How did MLG get elected? How did she get her law degree since she has such an anti freedom attitude of the US Constitution?? A real embarrassment!!!!!!!

    1. Nobody can impeach this horrid excuse of a woman. Why? Because the house and the senate in the state of NM are all demonscum. And a state full of illegal voters with no rights in this country.

      1. I agree and so tired of the Republicans near and far, that talk and talk, and seem to have no action. They all need to grow some balls and stand up to these crazies and the deep state. I often wonder what exactly does the deep state have on the rhino republicans??? hmmm

  3. Damn Me-too Michelle’s posturing is annoying. Similar legislation from other states such as Illinois is tied up in the courts and will likely be declared unconstitutional by the Supremes.

    Good use of tax payers money and I’m glad we don’t have other pressing problems that could use the attention.

  4. I have left the state because of Loony Lujan’s unconstitutional and insane “Emergency Health Orders”. I have already bought a house, and am moving to TEXAS. New Mexico is rapidly becoming Novo California.
    I am not alone in becoming a 2nd amendment refugee from New Mexico. At least 5 of my friends are also leaving the state and becoming 2nd amendment refugees from New Mexico, and for the same reasons
    NOTHING will change in New Mexico until the voters in New Mexico STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT!
    I have asked a number of Hispanic people that I have worked with over the years WHY they voted Democrat when they complained about the unconstitutional and insane laws that come out of the “Round House and recently the “Emergency Health Orders” that come from the governor’s office, and they tell me that “my parents and grandparents vote Democrat, so I vote Democrat to keep peace in the family”. I know several Hispanics who have been DISOWNED by their families because they didn’t vote Democrat. “YOU are DEAD to me” is what their families have said to them. As long as this mindset continues NOTHING will change in New Mexico.
    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different outcome.

  5. I am all for removing firearms from criminals and then locking these criminals up but not at the cost of taking away our second amendment rights. There are enough laws on the books already that are not enforced and if criminals are just catch and released then they will only continue to break the law and look at stealing guns from law abiding citizens.

  6. All the gun trouble is in blue run states not red states like Texas this Governor is a slut and a loser and punish the Democrats for killing his children there is a civil war on the horizon

  7. Call your Democrat Representatives and let them know you are against it. Remind them it’s an Election year. If you can show up at the legislature this January when the bill is being heard in committee .

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how the governor likes to take credit for actions that she has no part in. Once she is credting herself for her emergency health EO effectiveness when. All that has occurred is real enforcement of current laws. From drugs to open warrants and yes firearms possession.
    She has done nothing but prove what has been stated for years by so many that if you enforce current laws you get results. Far to long she has waited and watched with no action. Now that both local and state LEO have acted, she likes to equate her EO to results. Next she say we have no crisis at the border. But we all must remember she does not take her oath of office as a abolute.

  9. In response to an earlier comment: Those that leave NM to live in another state where their constitutional rights are not constantly under attack are not running. And there is no “fight” that can occur when the Senate, House and governor are dominated by Leftist Democrats. Our opinions and concerns fall on deaf ears of Democrat politicians who are pandering for votes from minorities and people who are ignorant about guns. Our votes mean nothing and a handful of Republican legislators can’t make a difference when they are grossly outnumbered. Add in dead people voting, Democrats who vote multiple times by using multiple addresses and variations of their name, ballot box dumping from the Pueblos – there is no way the Dems in NM can be ousted. I saw it all first hand in Sandoval County… it was sickening.

  10. MLG is a looney tune and so evil it’s scary. She is a satan worshiper and the proof is in the pudding. Signing into law murder of babies in the womb up to birth! If that doesn’t convince you then nothing will. NM citizens need to break the cycle of evil in this state. If you know the Bible it’s all spelled out of what is happening. I will do my best with voting these idiots out of office, One thing I know for sure, come judgement day, whatever they have done that is evil in the eyes of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, they will be doomed for the lake of fire.
    Praying for God’s mercy for the innocent.

  11. Heinrich doesn’t know anything about the 2nd Amendment either! It is just shameful that we have these people representing us!

  12. It’s past time to have her arrested,handcuffed and escorted out of the roundhouse!! There will be dancing in the streets when she is removed!
    And now that I’ve had my coffee and read about the latest stunts the piglet has done I am headed to Santa Fe to visit the gun stores and spend some money!

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