MLG claims to support Dem, GOP ‘women’ — a term most Dems can’t define

Despite most Democrats not being able to define the simple term “women,” far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham now claims to be placating not only Democrat women but Republican women also with one issue — abortion.

The scandal-ridden governor who paid off $150,000 to an alleged sexual assault victim and former staffer, is tripling and quadrupling down on what she perceives to be her number one issue: abortion.

Constant fundraising emails her campaign expels insist her GOP opponent, Mark Ronchetti, is an “anti-choice extremist” despite Ronchetti saying New Mexico must “permit” abortions up to the 15th gestational week. 

But most New Mexicans and Americans disagree with Lujan Grisham’s abortion up-to-birth policies that, through 2021’s S.B. 10, stripped all protections for women, babies, and medical professionals while allowing abortion up to the baby’s date of birth — possibly after.

But now, in a Saturday Tweet, Lujan Grisham claims, “I’m not talking to Democratic women or Republican women. I’m talking to ALL women. Think hard about your right to make decisions about your body. We’re 100 days out from election day. Your vote will matter.” 

The governor ignores the fact that an expectant mother’s body has different DNA than that of the baby in her womb, and therefore, the baby is a person. She still uses the “your body” trope to peddle her pro-abortion message.

One New Mexican replied to the governor, writing, “Did you support our rights when you closed schools houses of worship and local businesses? You threatened healthcare workers nurses and state employees with getting fired unless they got vaxxed. You’re a tyrannical hypocrite.”

The commentator is correct that Lujan Grisham threw out her supposed caring for “bodily autonomy” during the pandemic when she fired state workers for not taking the jab while mandating desperately needed health care workers to be inoculated. She also forcibly ejected elderly nursing home patients from the care and housing they desperately needed to push virus-positive patients into these centers. Now, the scandal-ridden potential one-term governor is claiming to stand for bodily autonomy. 

But still, it is unclear if Lujan Grisham can define the word “woman.” Maybe someday, New Mexicans will have an answer to that question. But with reelection right around the corner, the Governor’s shot at reelection has dropped with her GOP opponent outraising her. The polls show New Mexico’s governorship is in a dead-heat to the finish line.

1 thought on “MLG claims to support Dem, GOP ‘women’ — a term most Dems can’t define”

  1. MLG only speaks for evil not true Women.

    MLG is a psychopath and she is not allowed to speak for any women especially conservative women. Women are those capable of giving birth to children. Women born as a women are the only ones that can give birth. Good women do not just murder their children for their own selfish reasons. MLG is an evil hypocrite. She has a family and claims to be a loving women while brainwashing other women to kill their own babies. Keep your evil liberal ideals on your side of the fence MLG. Good God loving women will never think like you!

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