Meet the Democrats’ new racist NM House floor leader

On Tuesday, it was announced by the House Democrats that their caucus had elected far-left “social impact lawyer” state Rep. Javier Martinez (D-Bernalillo) to be their next floor leader succeeding former Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Bernalillo) being caught up in a large corruption investigation, resulting in her resignation. 

Martinez previously ran for floor leader but was unsuccessful. This time, the race-obsessed state representative won the support of his caucus, which has shifted far to the right over recent years.

Martinez is known for his harsh criticism of Republican policies, his support for far-left policies, such as abortion up-to-birth, the anti-police agenda, the “Green New Deal,” and higher taxes. Martinez also supports disrespecting the American flag.  

He also advocated for raiding the state’s Land Grant permanent fund for socialist policies. Martinez claimed the state is “racist” not for doing so sooner, writing, “Years of policies that uphold historically racist systems like..failures 2 invest land grant fund in youngest kids, failures 2 build water systems in communities w/out, failures 2 build an economy that works for ALL..are big part of reason why #Covid19 is hitting us the hardest.” 

Martinez believes in racist ideals, including that “one cannot be racist against White people,” which delegitimizes and silences the voices of white people in the state. If his sentiment was reversed and he said, “one cannot be racist against Black people” or “one cannot be racist against Hispanic people,” it would be very much a racist statement.

This makes Martinez the second openly racist floor leader the party has chosen, with Sheryl Williams Stapleton disparaging Mexican Americans, calling the former Gov. Susana Martinez “the Mexican on the fourth floor,” which she was forced to apologize for saying. 

Martinez supports illegal aliens being teachers in schools and socialist universal basic income. 

“I look forward to the increased responsibility and opportunity of this role to move our caucus, Legislature, and state forward in a way that’s truly representative of New Mexico’s diverse communities,” said Martinez after being elected Democrat House floor leader.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Democrats’ new racist NM House floor leader”

  1. When this little commie piece of crap wants the leadership position that bad, then watch out….another DIM loser speaking hatred and lies through his forked tongue…

  2. Another Commie to destroy our State. Santa Fe and Albuquerque are the pit of hell now. We will never ever ever have any resemblance of a future as long as New Mexicans are ignorant, lazy, welfare receiving, government-teet sucking LOSERS.

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