Mayor doubles down on pro-abortion rhetoric, attacks Otero County

On Tuesday, the Alamogordo City Commission met to discuss the failure of the pro-abortion petition aiming at dismantling the city’s Sanctuary City for the Unborn resolution passed last month via a special election. The City Clerk reported that the petitioners only gathered 507 of the required 589 signatures, meaning their petition, which did not follow proper protocol in filing, was tossed out.

During the meeting, Mayor Susan Payne, who voted against the pro-life resolution and signed the pro-abortion petition that called the Commission “extremist,” doubled down on her opposition to the Sanctuary for the Unborn resolution. 

Despite insisting on being “100 percent pro-life,” she claimed, “I will maintain with pride my stance that this is not a function of city government.”

She then said she would like to go back and change her vote on a previous resolution applauding Otero County for its pro-life resolution, which she sponsored, saying, “I voted ‘yes’ on the second resolution, and quite honestly, I shouldn’t have done that either. I wasn’t really voting for or against life. I was voting to support our county, which has got its own issues right now. So my plan is actually probably to bring that resolution … that second resolution for us to revisit it. I can’t do anything about the first one.” 

She then, on a subsequent Facebook comment on an article about the petition’s failure, bashed Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin, who supported the City’s pro-life resolution, as a “grandstanding local politician.” 

At the special August meeting she called on consideration of the pro-life resolution, Payne said regarding her “no” vote to declare Alamogordo a Sanctuary City for the Unborn, “This is a very controversial subject, and I’m going to be honest with you. It might make some people mad at me, and you know what? If you can’t respect the way I feel, that’s kinda your deal. But this is a very controversial subject, and one I have said all along I did not believe was a function of city government. And I still believe that. I believe that very strongly.”

An independent analysis of the pro-abortion petition obtained via an IPRA request found that the signers only had 502 apparently valid signatures — 87 shy of the necessary threshold to call for a costly special election. These included 48 invalidated signatures due to the lack of an address, extremely illegible entries, or duplicate signatures, and 86 signers who were not registered voters.

Alamogordo’s pro-life resolution sponsored by conservative Commissioner Karl Melton of District Three stands intact despite pro-abortion efforts to kill it. 

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7 thoughts on “Mayor doubles down on pro-abortion rhetoric, attacks Otero County”

  1. Someone saying, “I’m pro life” but then saying that “it’s none of government’s business” doesn’t hold water. What they are saying is, “Well, personally, I wouldn’t kill my own baby but if you want to kill yours then go right ahead!. It’s none of any government’s business what you do to your child.”

    1. I find it hard to think anyone would want to kill any baby. Holding any baby is a special moment to be treasured. There are ways to avoid pregnancy and any women is aware of this but was careless and this is not an excuse to kill the child. People still adopt and then there is the fact of the father having right to the child….it takes two to make the child and yet the father has never had the right or say in keeping the baby. If we are ready and will to kill a child we also should be willing to kill the mother that chose to abort. HELL, lets just legalize murder for all… know equal rights for all. Now we truly know our mayors beliefs…..she will go along with anything to stay in office and I will remember her in the next election.

    2. Mayor Pain has bombarded us all with her ultra religeous views until this. Talk about hypocrisy. I cannot find any passage in the bible that says a woman should abort her child. I believe one of the commandments is Thou Shalt Not Kill. I guess in Mayor Pain’s world, that does not include babies.

    1. She is part of the problem in the state and country and needs to be removed from office. Bet she wouldn’t support the killing of the mothers that abort or the rights of the fathers who have no say in this abortion debacle. remember this mayor in the next election and remove her.

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