Lujan Grisham finally lifts indoor mask mandate

As previously speculated, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has lifted her stringent indoor mask mandate following the closure of the 2022 Legislative Session. 

According to Daniel Chacón of the Santa Fe New Mexico, Lujan Grisham announced that the mask requirement is “gone.”

“The governor made the announcement during a Thursday afternoon news conference to discuss the end of the state’s legislative session.” according to KOB 4.“Until today, New Mexico and Hawaii were the only states that had yet to set a date for lifting their mandates,” the AP added.

According to a report from KOAT 7:

There are a few places where the mask mandate still stands, health orders state.

Those institutions include all public hospitals; profit or nonprofit public hospitals; general hospitals; special hospital nursing facilities; assisted living facilities; adult day cares; hospice facilities; rehabilitation facilities; state correctional facilities; juvenile justice facilities; residential treatment centers; the New Mexico State Veterans’ Home; and community homes, except for eating and drinking.

Any privately-owned businesses are allowed to set their own rules regarding face coverings. School districts are also announcing their own policies.

This is a developing story. 


20 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham finally lifts indoor mask mandate”

  1. Finally the nightmare begins to end! As usual MLG offers no details owing to her complete lack of leadership through this whole deal.

      1. Very astute Jim, this is only the end of phase one of the 4th industrial post human revolution.. The WEF has already stated their plans and everyone needs to educate themselves about them.

        Is everyone aware the pcr tests were used to collect dna? What do you think they are doing with everyone’s dna? This is war and the people have no clue.

        1. Agreed. Stay wary and vigilant. They want you to think they’re restoring something they had no right to steal in the first place. I’m watching for the day we need to pull all money out of banks.

  2. It’s about time. I’m still not voting for her in the Fall. She has been a huge idiot throughout this pandemic. She needs to go NOW!

  3. Never ever comply again. Never vote for any coward politican who allowed this to happen.

    “Vaccine” mandates needed to be lifted. The governor and public health officials need to be held accountable. Don’t let them give COVID “vaccines” to your kids.

  4. Just a political move .. and not for health reasons she is doing it because if she continues the mandates her future as a politician was about to come to the end

  5. TRUTH, hope you get it NM

    NM is not completely safe from her tyranny until nobody has to wear a mask. She is scared of losing. She will cheat to win, and New Mexicans need to see her hypocrisy. Once again we were one of the last states, just as we have always been. Last in everything. Thank you democraps.

    1. Speak up New Mexico

      Words from Thomas Jefferson, pay attention

      There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.

      Thomas Jefferson

  6. No grand gesture really. She lifted them before then put them right back. And the emergency order is still in place. It all has to go. I agree this is posturing just like a dozen other Dems running scared.

  7. This is purely political. She kept the mandates until the end of the session to discourage live participation in the session. She had the audacity to announce the end of the mandate at the end of session conference!! Never forget that this was never about covid! Also, keep pushing because the kids are still hostage!

  8. If she thinks this somehow lets her off the hook for all of the destruction of businesses and lives, if she thinks that no one lives in this state except stupid useful idiots incapable of discerning the truth behind her lies, if she thinks that this gesture alleviates her of any responsibility for suicides for which she provided the final straw, she is not only evil – she is insane. Many of us will never forget how we have been treated by ‘karens’ and compliant businesses who persecuted those of us who refused to bend the knee to tyranny. This is merely a political move on her part as her own party is beginning to abandon her. Expect another “pandemic” in late summer with resulting “health measures.”

  9. From an article I just read this describes it perfectly

    States run by Democrats are scrambling to abandon their mask mandates. They pretend that this is because the science has changed, but it has not. Only the opinion polls and proximity to November’s elections have. These blue governments are merely getting a year late to the point at which Republican-run states arrived a year ago. What is happening is that those who turned the crisis of the pandemic into an excuse to heap a backbreaking load of new impositions on the public realize that they have pushed voters too far.

  10. Hopefully poll numbers will continue to “speak” to the leftists and remaining mask and vaccine mandates will be lifted soon.

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