Lujan Grisham again ranked one of America’s least popular governors

On Monday, Morning Consult released its latest gubernatorial approval poll, showing that once again Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has ranked as one of the least popular governors in the United States.

According to the poll, 42 percent of respondents disapprove of her job performance, while 52 percent approve.

That makes her tied for third-least popular governor in America alongside Govs. 

Lujan Grisham is only up four percentage points in popularity from the last Morning Consult poll taken in April, which had the governor at 48 percent approval.

Since then, she has had a slightly lower disapproval rating than the previous 45 percent.

The only governors worse than Lujan Grisham were Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI), who had a 44 percent disapproval rating, and Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA), who had a 43 percent disapproval rating. 

Other governors Lujan Grisham shares the third-worst spot with include Govs. Tate Reeves (R-MS), Greg Abbott (R-TX), Tim Walz (D-MN), Kim Reynolds (R-IA), and Ron DeSantis (R-FL). 

“For Morning Consult’s state-level survey data, weights are applied to each state separately based on age, gender, education, race, homeownership, marital status, presidential voting history and — for a subset of states — race by education as well as an age-by-gender interaction. Margins of error for responses from all voters in each state range from +/-1 to +/-6 percentage points,” wrote Morning Consult.

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16 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham again ranked one of America’s least popular governors”

  1. Fake poll numbers. MLG has done nothing for new mexicans. Especially New Mexicans families. All her time and attention is spent on allowing, feeding, clothing, giving your jobs, supplemental security income, housing and free Sam Clubs cards with SNAP foodstamps to all the illegals roaming the streets of this state. Has anyone notice that when an illegal commits a crime the news outlets never say where there from. New Mexico is turning into a homeless hell hole.

  2. Trying to destroy our state with these stupid electric cars. She is worried about getting 35%. All electric cars by the year 2026. And she can’t even sell the cars we have now. Look around, Americans, Ford and Chevy’s are sitting on the lots.

  3. I genuinely believe those polls are skewed so heavily… The only people who approve of her are well off liberals. With the number of poor and struggling people in this state, I’m surprised she doesn’t have a mob with pitchforks outside the Roundhouse.

    Any administration who puts law abiding people out of business, and makes anyone even remotely successful shoulder the state’s debt, doesn’t deserve to represent the citizens of this state.

  4. She’s a bully and all she cares about is ABORTION! With all the issues that NM is facing, such as homelessness, drug abuse and overdosing deaths, all she cares is doing and giving abortions to young girls without the consent of their parents! Shame, shame, shame on her! Her mother should have aborted her and we wouldn’tbe stuck with Little Hitler!

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