Last NM House recounts completed

On Wednesday, the state’s canvassing board certified the remaining legislative elections that resulted in automatic recounts.

The results of both recounts had the same individuals winning. Republican Jenifer Jones of Deming Defeated incumbent Democrat Rep. Candie Sweetser in District 32. Jones has a 46-vote lead, which is unchanged from the initial results.

In the Albuquerque-based District 68, Democrat candidate Charlotte Little defeated Republican Robert Moss by 35 votes — a difference of one vote from the initial 36-vote lead.

The news now affirms that Democrats will officially control the state legislature with 45 seats to Republicans’ 25 seats. 

The board, comprised of Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, and Supreme Court Chief Justice Shannon Bacon, all Democrats, certified the election. Bacon was not present at the certification.

Now, the House will officially have 16 new freshman legislators (* indicates previous legislative service):

Mark Duncan (R-District 2)

Tanya Mirabal Moya (R-District 7) 

Cynthia Borrego (D-District 17)

Janelle Anyanonu (D-District 19)

Alan Martinez (R-District 23)

*Eleanor Chavez (D-District 26)

Jenifer Jones (R-District 32)

Tara Jaramillo (D-District 38)

*Joseph Sanchez (D-District 40)

Kathleen Cates (D-District 44)

Reena Szczepanski (D-District 47)

John Block (R-District 51)

Harlan Vincent (R-District 56)

Andrea Reeb (R-District 64)

Jimmy Mason (R-District 66)

Charlotte Little (D-District 68)


6 thoughts on “Last NM House recounts completed”

    1. Telll your REPUB Independent friends to move here. Until more people move here the Goal post remains the same and the same game players will be in charge of cheating and counting results. Could be quicker if we used and abacus.

  1. There will never be a honest election in America as long as crooked Democratic politicians are in office . Example NM been under Democrat control for over eighty years , rated as the most dangerous state in America , with the poorest education system …

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