KOB 4 poll shows most New Mexicans don’t want more anti-gun laws

On Monday, KOB 4 ran a poll asking New Mexicans if they believed there should be more gun restrictions in the wake of recent mass shootings. 

New Mexicans spoke, and a large majority of respondents gave an emphatic “no,” with 58% saying there is no need for increased firearm restrictions.

41% of respondents said there should be harsher restrictions, while only 1% of New Mexicans were unsure. 

On KOB 4’s Twitter, many New Mexicans commented about the poll, including one person who wrote, “No, we need more guns,” while another wrote, “Common sense dictates that ‘gun control’ only benefits bad people because they head straight to the areas of ‘gun control.’”

In recent years, far-left Democrats in the Legislature have attempted to snatch New Mexicans’ gun rights through extreme measures, including a recent bill signed into law implementing “red flag” laws that go against state and federal constitutional rights.

Other measures have been stricken down, such as one proposal from state Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Bernalillo), who attempted to make felons of parents who teach their children how to shoot a gun. That measure died for two years in a row.

However, in the Democrats’ 2022 state budget, those who voted for it passed $300,000 for a far-left “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” to work to erode New Mexicans’ Second Amendment rights.

10 thoughts on “KOB 4 poll shows most New Mexicans don’t want more anti-gun laws”

  1. Hell no, we don’t want or need more gun laws or restrictions. We need to get rid of the liberal judges, lawyers and politicians that keep making the criminals the “poor victims”
    of this cruel mean unfair world!

    1. Absolutely Daryl, we need to get rid of the liberal judges. This November there are four conservative judges who are running for NM Court of Appeals and NM Supreme Court. Please consider them this November.
      NM Court of Appeals:
      Johnson, Barbara
      Lee, Gertrude
      NM Supreme Court:
      Montoya, Thomas
      Morris, Kerry

      1. I agree with Chris about needing to elect conservative judges that are looking to help us keep our freedoms. The rest just follow their party lines which is not what we need or want.

  2. Restrict government not guns

    Smart New Mexicans want the government to stay out of our lives. No gun restrictions and no more liberal bullshit. The 41% for more control are the idiot liberals that moved here from commi states like California and New York. They love to be sheeple they need to ho back to their commi states.

  3. The problem in America is coddled criminals not inanimate objects ( guns) but our communist government makes it seem so to people too shallow to think for themselves.More people die from auto accidents every year than “gun violence “ (another Orwellian term” ) yet there are no CNN nightly specials on road rage or auto deaths. All communist takeovers began with gun confiscation and ended up with citizens in slavery to the state or dead. Read Alexander Solzhenitsyn ‘s warning to the west or many other historical books on this subject.

    1. How true your statements are as they ring out what has happened in the past to other nations that have been brain washed by liberal socialist media machines. Stop listening or watching the liberal networks and switch to ones that present the facts and and expose the lies of our political parties. Tune into Newsmax.

  4. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

    Communist playbook: corrupt the vote then disarm the people. They know the majority of New Mexicans do not support gun restrictions-it’s a large rural state. Become involved folks, at your local level-make it hard for them to cheat.

  5. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

    Corrupt the vote then go after the guns. They know the majority of New Mexicans do NOT want gun control – it’s a large rural state. Get involved in your local communities, don’t make this easy for them.

  6. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

    They know the majority of New Mexicans are against gun control so they corrupt elections and come after the guns.
    Get involved in your local communities. Conservatives are the majority.

  7. Socialist Leaders in New Mexico

    We need to vote out all Democrats in New Mexico because they are just rolling out the socialist game plan for the removal of all freedoms not only in NM but also the U.S. Our politicians represent a political ideology that does not follow the constitution upon which this country was founded and are hell bent on destroying America. I am talking about all the Senators and Congressional Representatives we have representing New Mexico in Washington. They do not represent the people of New Mexico they represent the far left liberal policies of the Marxist Democratic Party of America that is controlling this country at present. I have written to them about several pieces of legislation they support to no avail. Stop viewing liberal news and check out Newsmax or Real Americas Voice to hear the facts. It will be a wake up call for sure. Vote these NM politicians out of office as soon as possible.

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