Kamala Harris’ husband visits ABQ to tout Biden’s costly $1.2 trillion law

Following Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech, Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, made a visit to Albuquerque to highlight updates being made at the Albuquerque International Sunport due to federal funds. 

At a press event held at the airport on Friday, Emhoff praised the infrastructural enhancements being made, aligning with the themes Joe Biden emphasized in his recent address, particularly the importance of investing in infrastructure for “community-wide” benefits.

The Sunport has benefited from approximately $20 million in federal grants from Biden’s infrastructure law, enacted in 2021. The federal boondoggle added $1.2 trillion to the national debt. 

These funds have been allocated to various airport projects, including the upgrade of passenger bridges, the revamp of the baggage claim area, and the improvement of electrical systems. 

Emhoff highlighted the significance of these upgrades, stating, “These new … bridges will ensure passengers and employees can get on and off aircraft safely,” and acknowledging the stress associated with baggage claim processes that these improvements will alleviate.

In addition to the grants, the Sunport utilizes around $66 million from Passenger Facility Charge funds, bringing the total federal investment in the airport’s renovation to $86 million. 

The infrastructure law has provided nearly $1 billion to airports nationwide, with the Sunport and others, such as Chicago’s O’Hare and Appleton International Airport in Wisconsin, being notable beneficiaries.

Lauren Dudley, the FAA’s assistant administrator, accompanied Emhoff and praised the Sunport as a model for airports nationwide. 

This is Emhoff’s second visit to Albuquerque after visiting the state in 2021.


6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris’ husband visits ABQ to tout Biden’s costly $1.2 trillion law”

  1. With so many New Mexico towns NEEDING help with their infrastructure – their water processing plants and city sewer systems needing MAJOR renovations – should these types of projects be at the forefront instead? Priorities never seem to focus on NEEDS. Instead, the focus most often is on WANTS.

  2. Federal debt increasing 1 Trillion every 100 days. At this rate debt climbs to 50 Trillion by 2028. No wonder gold is increasing.

  3. Why is it everytime a politician spends billions of dollars on “Shovel ready infrastructure improvements” we never see improvements. I see lots of construction in D.C. though.

  4. Let’s all look at this in a new way! This is unconstitutional as is most of the money spent by the departments of the Federal government. Healthcare, roads, airports, schools and education in general are State responsibilities. The Feds should not take taxpayer money (say from a citizen in Montana) and spend it or give it to another State. There is nothing in the US Constitution that mentions healthcare, education or anything else. It is all based on the misread part that says “General Welfare”. If we stopped this illegal spending we could cut taxes and pay DOWN the debt. AND do away with the influence of people like biden.

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