Joe Biden coming to Santa Fe, NM next week

According to a White House press statement shared by Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich, “On Saturday, June 11, [Joe] Biden will travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico. [He] will meet with New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, State and local officials, first responders and response and recovery personnel from FEMA and other agencies to receive a briefing on the New Mexico wildfires at the New Mexico State Emergency Operation Center.”

The visit follows the Federal Government starting controlled burns during high winds that caused wildfires across the state, including the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire, which has burned more than 310,000 acres — roughly the size of London, England.

The fire is the largest in state history, and it has been worsened by a lack of forest management, as well as environmental groups helping stop logging and cleanup through lawsuits to protect supposedly endangered animals.

According to the Western Journal, “The mismanagement of the burns adds to the cost. It costs $5 million a day to fight the fire; over $132 million has already been spent. Around 3,000 firefighters are combatting the blaze.”

The outlet further reported, “Governor Grisham called for compensation to New Mexico from the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Based on investigations showing the federal government’s involvement in starting the fires, Grisham wants Biden to authorize 100 percent funding for the needed recovery efforts.”

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  2. Biden has some of the lowest approval ratings in history for a first-term president. Lujan Grisham hitching her wagon to this loser’s horse shows her incompetence. Sleepy Joe is coming to SF to fund raise from the millionaire snowflakes who own homes they live in a few months a year. Lujan is hoping for a federal government position when she loses her race in November.

  3. Stop 30x30 Land Grab

    In 2019 the governor signed a “stewardship pact” with the US Forest Service to “improve forest conditions” How’s that working out? In August 2021 she signed an executive order to set aside 30 percent of NM land and water for “conservation” and another 20 percent for “climate stabilization”, right in line with Biden’s 30 x 30 executive order.
    Fast forward to today, largest forest fire in state’s history started by the forest service. Create a crisis and then pretend to fix it. What land/property rights are in danger with even more fed/state gov’t involvement?
    Programs that use fed funds to pay landowners for conservation activities create a federal nexus to the property, giving the gov’t an avenue to control the use of private lands they otherwise would not have.

    1. Concerned New Mexican

      @ Stop 30×30 Land Grab, you”re the 1st post I”ve seen anywhere that actually acknowledges the state as starting these fires. These state caused fires have been going on for years and it cannot understand why it is allowed to continue, all in the name of forest management and fire control. I live in the New Mexico mountains and I can’t begin to know what it would feel like to lose everything due to state ran negligence in “controlled burns”. Bottom line, why hasn’t there been accountability and laws protecting us from the state mandatory controlled burns?

  4. Stay away Brandon!

    Tell this evil son of the devil to stay in Washington. God loving New Mexicans do not want any more evil scum in New Mexico. FJB!!!!

  5. MLG’s maid-of-honor/reverend/gal pal, kackling Kaballa isn’t on Saturday’s guest list…too obvious??? Maybe SF is a bit too close to the border for comfort.

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