Indigenous people furious with Harris’ failed record: ‘She was not good for Indian Country’

On Tuesday, it was reported by that many Indigenous people are furious over presumptive Democrat vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris’ abysmal record when it comes to Native American issues.

According to, “When Kamala Harris served as attorney general of California, she opposed at least 15 tribal land-into-trust applications. Her actions undermined the ability of Indian nations to reclaim lands they lost to theft, fraud and other negative policies.”

“She was not good for Indian Country here when she was attorney general,” said Rick Cuevas, a California resident who has used his platforms to bring attention to Harris’ failures to meet the needs of Tribal people. 

“But Cuevas, who was victim of disenrollment by the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians, isn’t the only one in Indian Country who has raised concerns. When Harris was seeking the the Democratic nomination for president last year, she was asked about her tribal homelands record at a roundtable with tribal leaders and again at the historic Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum,” the article notes.

“I just can’t imagine her as president,” Cuevas, who also has attempted to raise issues of tribal disenrollment to her office, told Cuevas said his letters and calls on the hot-button issue have all gone unanswered.

“Besides opposing land-into-trust applications that were submitted to the BIA, Harris as attorney general attempted to reverse a previously approved acquisition. As part of a case involving the Big Lagoon Rancheria, she claimed the tribe could not restore its homelands because it was not ‘under federal jurisdiction’ in 1934” the report states.

Deb Haaland, a radical far-left member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation is backing Harris in her bid for the White House. Haaland originally was a proponent of the culturally appropriating Elizabeth Warren until the Massachusetts senator dropped out fo the presidential race, following Harris.

President Trump’s campaign has repeatedly elevated and done outreach to folks in the Navajo Nation and other Tribal communities, most recently with a radio address from Donald Trump, Jr. to members of the Navajo Nation. Trump said, “The Navajos and the Native Americans as a whole are the original conservationists.”

A billboard erected in Arizona showing Native American support for President Trump

Read more about Harris’ failed Native American record here.


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