In massive victory, Yvette Herrell wins GOP nomination for CD-2

Late on Tuesday night, after a contentious three-way primary between former state Rep. Yvette Herrell, millionaire oil lobbyist Claire Chase, and Las Cruces businessman Chris Mathys, it was finally called that Herrell would be the Republican chosen to face-off against first-term Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small in November. 

At around 8:35 A.M. on Wednesday, Herrell carried 45% of the vote to Chase’s 32% and Mathys’ 24% with 596/641 precincts partially reporting. The Associated Press and local news outlets have safely called the race for Yvette Herrell.

Over the course of the heated primary, the candidates took shots at each other, mainly over their support for Trump, however, the voters appear to have chosen the “Trumpiest” of all, Yvette Herrell. 

During her time in the New Mexico House of Representatives, Herrell sponsored multiple pro-life bills, as well as championed conservative fiscal and energy policy. 

Herrell’s win marks a rematch between her and Torres Small, who “won” in 2018 after absentee ballots were found out of nowhere and miraculously gave her a win over Herrell after the race was already called for Herrell. A subsequent audit found massive fraud and statistically impossible results.

But Herrell will once again face off against the far-left Democrat to reclaim the seat for Republicans, with President Trump at the top of the ticket.

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5 thoughts on “In massive victory, Yvette Herrell wins GOP nomination for CD-2”

  1. Last time Monty Newman did not support Herrell after the Primary. Many of his supporters, as well, did not vote for her in the General Election (see the Eddy County and Lea County falloff in support for the Repub. Congressional Candidate–Herrell–as opposed to support for the Repub candidate in 2014 and 2016). If Chase, again, does not endorse Herrell, and signals the same to her supporters, this dropoff could again doom Republican chances in a District we should win.

      1. I guess you aren’t that educated. Claire already endorsed Yvette before you even posted so do some research for once

  2. We CANNOT allow the Blues control our destiny. We Reds must stand up for our state, counties, cities, towns, pueblos, families and ourselves. Let us take the high road and hammer away on the issues and the wins will happen. Enough is enough. Let there be RED on election day.

  3. As an independent voter, Herrell will have my vote in November. She can hopefully become a strong Er voice for all things conservative. One was left wondering, since she wouldn’t debate for whatever reason. New Mexicans face terribly challenging economic times. The Teacher’s Union is holding back progress. Our crime is worsening under failed Leftist dogma.

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