‘Historic’ grand jury petition filed against Lujan Grisham

According to the Hobbs News-Sun, on Friday, a citizen petition asking the Lovington District Court to form a grand jury to investigate scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was filed regarding her public health orders and virus restrictions since 2020.

Approximately 1,000 Lea County voters signed the petition being sponsored and filed by state Sen. David Gallegos (R-Eunice) and Larry Marker of Roswell.

According to the petition, it requests that the “District Court convene a grand jury to investigate Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham ‘Defendant’ for crimes of Malfeasance in Office, Misfeasance in Office, Violation of oath of office and Maladministration.”

“The legally and factually unjustified actions of Defendant during her term as Governor include but are not limited to the abuse of authority related to the numerous constitutionally prohibited renewals of a public health emergency. Defendant under guise of emergency authority ordered and authorized numerous illegal actions that included invasions of the constitutionally protected rights of citizens of New Mexico. Defendant has abused and exceeded her legal authority with numerous consecutive sua sponte renewals of a public health emergency citing an unconstitutional misinterpretation of Section 12-10A-5 NMSA 1978,” the petition notes.

The petition alleges Lujan Grisham “manipulated her misinterpretation of her self-appointed unlimited emergency authority to issue public health orders and mandates that were a violation of most if not all of the constitutionally protected substantive and procedural rights of the citizens of New Mexico.” 

“The invasion of these rights inflicted severe, long term and irreparable harm on the citizens of New Mexico. Mandates and public health orders issued by Defendant were not supported by facts” 

“Substantial documentation is evidence that indicates Defendants mandates including but not limited to business and school closures, stay home and lock down orders served no practical purpose as to a reduction in number of covid infections and deaths in New Mexico comparative to other less regulated states. Defendant’s motives are shown to be questionable by the documented inequitable application of her draconian orders, mandates and reopening policies.”

According to the Sun-News, the two petitioners see a “grand jury as a way to hold the governor accountable for the public health orders, up to and including removing her from office.” 

The report notes that a judge may only dismiss the petition for three reasons, including, “lack of valid signatures, specific charges not within the scope of grand jury inquiry, or the violation occurred outside of the geographical area. If the petition meets all three criteria, then it will proceed to grand jury.” 

Gallegos notes that the petition only started less than a month ago, saying, “We actually did all those signatures during the fair. We had a really good crowd during the fair.” 

“This is the first citizens petition to be filed, ever, in Lea County and is truly a historic event,” Markers stated in a press release.

The News-Sun notes that “If the grand jury based on a citizens petition is formed to investigate the governor, Gallegos said to his knowledge it would a first in the state’s history, but added the process brings up a lot of unknowns.”


14 thoughts on “‘Historic’ grand jury petition filed against Lujan Grisham”

  1. Congrats to Lea county. It is refreshing to see that there are real patriots fighting for the liberty of all New Mexicans. This Governor like a lot of other communist governors has abused her authority far beyond the scope of what the state And US constitution allows . They now view the public as serfs or in her own words “lizard people “. New Mexico deserves better than the cabals now entrenched in NM and Washington. Resist.

    1. Yes Sir. NOW our “Dear Leaders” have uncorked a scheme to bring Hit Squads to our country via Afghanistan….Look for National Guard armories to be compromised with missing weapons, ammo, night vision, etc.
      Coming soon to a neighborhood near us all….
      THIS is how we’re repaid for trust in regimes and paid taxes!

    1. Since it is in Lea County I believe you have to live there , or start one in your own county ??? the NM Constitution Art. II section 14 ! I think I remeber it stating a petition of 200 registered voters or a % of the distric in questions Voters must sign it ! I think the percentage clause is if there are more than 20,000 Voters , the 200 , is if there is a smaller population ! but the Jurisdiction is what ever district the court is in !

      Example I live in Carton so Judicial District 7 ???? though we only have a population of 3,200 +/- 100 so I think we would only need 200 signatures !

  2. Congratulations to the freedom-loving people of Lea County! I understand similar petitions are being circulated in Eddy and Lea Counties. It is time to Ditch the Witch!

  3. I just returned from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Although masks are optional in those states most people were without masks. Albeit a mask was worn here or there general consensus showed no masks. When returning home it felt like twilight zone as EVERYBODY wears a mask.
    I support this petition 💯 percent.

  4. NM Citizen proud of Lea County

    Great job Lea county.! Hope the grand jury listens and does what their job to save the people not the politicians. More New Mexico counties need to file similar petitions. Maybe then our evil queen MLG will no longer hold office anywhere ever again.

    1. Thank you and congratulations!
      We are Grant Co. residents, would our signatures be valid and or helpful?
      Sincerely, S&D Bryant

  5. As I have said time and time again masks don’t work for viruses it has been proven many many times so here I am in a line of mast people or afraid to take off their masks and live but the other states their college football teams are all massless and having a good time it’s about time we get rid of this Wuhan Lujan non-scientific witch…….
    By the wuhan Lujan I’m still calling on you to show any scientific proof whatsoever that masks work for virus very ugly but I know you don’t have one you’re just using their power to try and prove something

  6. Thank you for taking this action. So many small businesses have been destroyed by her wanton disregard for the citizens of this state. This woman needs to be removed from office–where do I sign???? If you need me to show up I’ll be there.

  7. MLG I’m praying for you

    Why isn’t anyone using HB4- Qualified immunity to file for civil rights violations? She’s violated the state’s constitution Article 9 sect 14, the “anti-donation clause” with her Vax to the Max lottery, and $100 gifts to vaccine recipients. Of course the criminal sexual contact settlement, which was paid from campaign finance funds, a violation of campaign finance law. Never in my life have I been so disgusted with an elected official, the dishonesty and pure evil, I pray for her soul that she finds God’s grace.

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