Herrell introduces legislation to grant asylum to persecuted Canadians

Following reported widespread violence and government brutality of Canadians amid a massive convoy of trucks dubbed the “Freedom Convoy” in the country’s capital of Ottawa protesting for freedom, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-NM-02) announced she was sponsoring legislation to grant these political prisoners asylum.

Herrell said, “Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed crackdown against peaceful protesters in Canada is not the action of a Western Democracy, but that of an authoritarian regime like Venezuela.”

“Just as we provide asylum for political prisoners, we should do the same for truckers who have been subjected to violence, had their property confiscated, and their bank accounts frozen by a government that is quickly becoming the embarrassment of the free world.”

Herrell added, “I am introducing legislation that would temporarily grant asylum to innocent Canadian protesters who are being persecuted by their own government. We cannot be silent as our neighbors to the north are treated so badly.”

Canada has been gagging Canadians’ speech, arresting them for speaking out, and guarding the streets of the country — turning it into a police state. 

Herrell’s legislation is sure to grab much Republican support, but it is unclear if Democrats will line up against Trudeau’s tyranny upon his people. 


7 thoughts on “Herrell introduces legislation to grant asylum to persecuted Canadians”

  1. About time she did something worthwhile. The UN troops have replaced the police in Ottawa and are a threat to us.

    This is just beginning… The proper use of knowledge is power, so educate and inform yourselves about the commencement of the WEF fourth industrial revolution NWO invasion.

  2. Thank you, Yvette! Keep up the good work. At first, knowing our NM Congress Woman, I thought this was a tongue-in-cheek b
    ill. Then peeling off the cover and thinking it through, it is spot on! Well done, Yvette. Freedom rings and the TRUTH will set us free!

  3. Let’s see what our Diminutive Dictator does when The USA Convoy passes through our state. What ‘proclamation’ will she make: ‘White privilege’? Racism?

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