Heinrich panned by all sides for ‘chikens**t’ statement on Biden

In the most confusing statement imaginable, New Mexico’s far-left Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich released a statement on the status of Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities following the elderly Democrat’s disastrous debate performance against 45th President Donald Trump on CNN.

Heinrich, who has long been a Biden apologist, wrote, “I love Joe Biden. He’s the most accomplished President of my lifetime and he’s a genuinely wonderful human being.”

He added a caveat, noting, “However, what I care most about is the preservation of our democracy. President Biden needs to continue to demonstrate that his debate performance was just a bad night, and that he has a clear path to defeating Donald Trump. Our democracy hangs in the balance.”

The carefully worded statement that said much of nothing gives Heinrich an out if the political tides turn and he has to shift to calling for Biden’s replacement, as many Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Pattie Murray of Washington, suggest in their carefully worded statements. 

Following the non-statement after almost two weeks of dodging, the Republican Party of New Mexico’s Chairman, Steve Pearce, wrote, “Senator Heinrich’s vague statement reveals the havoc that has descended upon the Democratic Party. Heinrich’s previous blind loyalty to Biden and his special interest groups now makes it difficult for him to answer honestly about the President’s mental and physical ability to lead the country.”

The Republican official added, “New Mexicans deserve leadership with the courage to say it like it is and put the best interests of our state and nation first.”

The senator’s statement was widely panned in the comment section of his X post, with leftists and conservatives all commenting that either Biden needs to drop out or that Biden will lose to Trump. Some have even gone so far as to call the statement “chickens**t.”

Heinrich faces a fierce challenge from Republican Nella Domenici, whose father, Pete Domenici, served the state in the U.S. Senate for 36 years. Recent polls show Domenici within the margin of error, trailing the Democrat by a mere two points. 


11 thoughts on “Heinrich panned by all sides for ‘chikens**t’ statement on Biden”

  1. Talk about chickensh*t. I think that’s Heinrich’s middle name. He is the worst. He is a war monger. He rarely answers a question put to him directly. I don’t want to vote this time, but I will vote against him. If I could vote against Ben Ray this time I would do that as well. Just another horrible “representative”. Yeah, right, he represents those who line his pockets. Or his wife’s.

    1. Agreed. Heinrich is not a real New Mexican so how can he effectively represent the people of New Mexico?! He can’t!

  2. We have the absolute worst congressional delegation in the country thanks to the ill-educated voters that vote for anyone with a “D” next to their name. BTW – “D” describes both the voter and politician – “Dumbass”.

  3. When he said “Our democracy hangs in the balance,” did he intend to mean that he cares for the democracy and wants to maintain it, or more that he is noting that this is a good opportunity to attack it further and he hopes it collapses?
    Given the socialist/communist take over of the democrat party, and their “tear it all down” mentality, isn’t this a valid and relevant question?

  4. These people are being seated not elected. Heinrich doesn’t qualify to run in NM as he doesn’t live here. Kamala isn’t qualified as she is not a natural born citizen.
    Our supposed republican controllers don’t care. They too are taking orders.


    Heinrich needs to be voted out. He doesn’t even live in New Mexico. Let’s give Domenici a chance and see what she can do. Heinrich has only enriched himself and shown that he doesn’t care about New Mexico and its people.

  6. Maryland Marty. Definitely a chicken shit, but why is the NMGOP been so passive? With the Dems in chaos over Biden why haven’t they taken their Senate and gone on the offensive?? Especially since Maryland Marty is allegedly “vulnerable”.
    I say put it to him, aggressively!!!!! Conservatives in NM want a fighter, not a RINO. NMGOP needs t wake up already!! Bring in TRUMP, energize your voters!!! Give her campaign momentum.

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