Heinrich anti-energy bill will keep New Mexico ‘dependent on Washington’

On Thursday, it was reported that Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich is planning to introduce “a revenue replacement bill” next week which “would provide a predictable transition for states, counties, and tribes and give those governments time to transition their budgets to more sustainable and reliable sources of revenue,” according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“The bill sets a baseline mineral revenue amount for each fiscal year based on a historical average of federal mineral revenue, declining by 5 percent each year,” a news release states. “If the regular mineral revenue payment to a state, county, or tribe would fall below the baseline amount for that year, an ‘energy transition payment’ would be provided to make up the difference between the actual mineral payment and the calculated baseline.”

Embattled Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who was accused and later settled with $62,500 in campaign funds for sexual assault, applauded the proposal, writing, “This legislation would establish the kind of support we need to ensure our state revenues are protected as we continue to implement the important work of diversifying and expanding New Mexico’s economy,” 

She added, “I look forward to working with the senator and all of New Mexico’s delegation to get this proposal across the federal finish line.”

Far-left Democrat Rep. Javier Martínez also applauded the radical anti-energy proposal, writing, “I think what the senator is going to be proposing really provides us with a thoughtful revenue bridge, if you will, as that transition happens.” He added, “What happens to state revenues? What happens to funding for schools, funding for infrastructure? And I think that the senator’s plan really provides us with that alternative.”

“The global energy landscape is undergoing a massive transformation, and states like New Mexico need to be ready,” Heinrich told The New Mexican.

“The Schools and State Budgets Certainty Act will provide a predictable glide path for state, county, and Tribal governments to move away from their current dependence on federal fossil fuel revenues and allow a managed transition to more reliable sources of funding,” he added. “If we make the right choices now and invest in new growth opportunities, we can put New Mexico and our energy veterans who have long worked to power our country in the best possible position to thrive.”

The bill aims to move New Mexico from being “dependent” on oil and gas to be dependent on the federal government, which some critics of the radical proposal have taken issue with.

“This proposal is an admission from Senator Heinrich that the wind and solar power being forced upon New Mexicans won’t be enough to financially sustain our state. Instead of allowing the workers in our energy industry to keep their jobs, this proposal proves Senator Heinrich wants to make New Mexico even more dependent on Washington.  It is pure arrogance for Senator Heinrich and Governor Lujan Grisham to artificially prop up unreliable energy sources while destroying real jobs in New Mexico and then have the audacity to call it a ‘just transition’,” said Larry Behrens of the pro-energy group Power The Future. 

Lujan Grisham and Heinrich have proposed and supported proposals for a complete government takeover of health care, education, and many other sectors, while spending billions on far-out “climate change” proposals such as the Green New Deal that would bankrupt the state and the country. 

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