GOP senators escape fortressed Roundhouse to honor National Guardsmen stationed outside

While the Legislature is wrapping up, Senators Gregg Schmedes, M.D. (R-Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe & Torrance) and David Gallegos (R-Eddy and Lea) ventured outside of the shuttered New Mexico state Capitol into the “dangerous” outdoors. 

The pair trekked outside the safe space created by Democrat politicians, complete with over $700,000 worth of metal chain-link fencing, concrete blocks, surveillance, National Guardsmen, and police fortressing the Capitol, where legislators are busy at work sneaking through bills in the least transparent legislative session in New Mexico history.

But the circumstances didn’t stop Senators Schmedes and Gallegos, two freshmen to the Senate after winning upset victories in their districts following their service in the House of Representatives. Despite claims from Democrats that the Capitol needed to be protected from the public, the two senators escaped the fortified building to honor the men and women protecting the Capitol.

“Today, Dr. Schmedes and I went out the secured fence and fought our way through no protestors the give pins to two of our NM National Guardsmen. Even though we have not had a single protester, we wanted to let them know that we supported them,” wrote Sen. Gallegos.

They presented the Guardsmen with silver and turquoise inlaid pins reading “Legislative Detail”: 

The legislative session is wrapping up to a close at noon on Saturday, March 20th, and there is still a lot of work left for Republican legislators to stop the extreme bills being rammed through by Democrats in both chambers. More info on the bills that are being passed through can be found here.


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